Hierarchy Of Law Enforcement In Maine…EXPOSED!

Courtesy of Phil Merletti

“It has been brought to my attention that the vast majority of the law enforcement officers, the legislature, the judges, the lawyers, government officers and the Maine people are unaware or confused as to the hierarchies of the law enforcement officers in Maine and how the past legislators deviated from the mandates and requirements of the Maine Constitutions.

This ignorance continues today for the same reasons that existed in the past. The greatest fault lies with those who refuse to read and understand the United States and Maine Constitutions and how they work in conjunction with each other. Many of the aforementioned legislators, leaders and bureaucrats do not wish to study or know the authority of the Constitutions because they are happy with the function of a fraudulent unconstitutional government hierarchy, they are comfortable and willfully knowledgeable with their false authority and they are comfortable as to where their fraudulent positions fit in to the hierarchy.

The information found in this report should not to be misconstrued to believe that I favor anyone agency, department or organization or position over another or that I hold any animosity against any agency, department or organization or person. What is recorded is historical fact was compiled to the best of my ability. If anyone can produce any provable or factual information to the contrary, I will yield to those facts. The intent of this report is to correct the authority found in the Maine Constitution, while placing the correct authority into the Maine statutes while maintaining the current positions of Sheriff’s Department, the State Polices and the Municipal Police Departments.”

Read report HERE.

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  1. here is my nickels worth . fire or otherwise be rid of the bar lawyers in legislature , enforce amendment 13 and clear houses .repeal those laws repugnant to constitution, give the officers an offer to sheriffs dept.,retrain in constitutional law. and make sure they have an exceptional understanding of both constitutions.and whatever else is necessary for the fulfillment of our liberty and law of the land.

  2. Maybe just get rid of the huge, fat, pedophiles? Call me nuts! Please.

  3. The United States Constitution is the mother of them all, it is the Supreme law of the land, and anything to the contrary is, by it’s very nature, illegal. As for the Maine Constitution, sourced from the original U.S. version, it has been illegally codified.

    “The chief enemies of republican freedom are mental sloth, conformity, bigotry, superstition, credulity, monopoly in the market of ideas, and utter, benighted and just plain willful ignorance.”

    There are several US Constitutions, which was not clarified in the above post, and very critical to the end we have today . . .

    Dr. John Coleman’s research and others support the first Republic ‘suspension’ as being when the South walked out of the forum. The Constitution “for” the United States gave us a Democratic Republic, not a Democracy – – a significant difference. The third Constitution “of” the United States is for the corporate United States, and not “for” the People.

    Yes there is room for dispute on any topic, but evidence will out. To be or not to be. What is the question? Shall we fight for a Republic for which (no-one) stands, or accept the corporate greed, and go with the flow? Many, many questions, and so little time.

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