Source: Falmouth Today News

February 1, 2016

By Editor:

“You just have to read between the lines in the Maine Sunday Telegram (MST) story.  You put a young man through the death of his father, a respected business owner/mentor that seizes that opportunity to ‘groom’ a victim with expensive gifts, a man that walks around naked in his house in front of the victim, a man that was or is a member of the “Big Brother Organization”, and what do you get, a big dose of the street justice?

Who wants a signed release that nothing happened between them, after the complaint to the SPD?  Who refuses to get medical care (in the police report filed with the DA’s office) to keep the beating secret?  Who DOESN’T want a trial for Caisse and is begging for a plea agreement so all the other victims that have been paid off won’t come forward?  Who transfers all their assets to family members to protect them from court actions?  Simple answer: A guilty, accused homosexual rapist, that’s who!

Scroll to the bottom of the online article attached and read the comments.  FTM’s experience in street fights and retribution tells us that when you grab some man’s “genitals” (as described in the MST article and called a PENIS twice in the official SPD report filed with the DA’s office) it usually means that PENIS was someplace where it didn’t belong and needed a severe reprimand, several times.

POST TRAMATIC STRESS DISORDER is what Caisse has, and the plea agreement should be six months probation and a commendation for public service.”

Related: FTM Reporter Addresses Scarborough Town Council Regarding Cover Up Of Sexual Abuse, click HERE.


The PPH is a day late and a dollar short on reporting this story! Falmouth Today News reporter, Mike Doyle, presented this matter before the Scarborough Town Council in May of 2015. View meeting HERE.

Another failed attempt at cover up?

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  1. Thatis NOT at all how myself or others have read the article the Portland Press Herald released reguarding Andy Cusack. Maybe thats how you interpert it. How many others interpert that article is like this: Andy took a young man under his wing, guided him and gave him chances most people do not get. The young mans carrer did not pan out for him and neither did his marriage so he was trying to make a quick dollar. Why try to ruin a good mans name and reputation just because your carrer goals did not work out for you. Andy is a very down to earth good hearted man who does not deserve this. I support Andy and the entire Beech Ridge family and will continue to know how gernerous and kind hearted they are.

    • Thank you for sharing your lack of knowledge about this case. Before you continue to demonstrate your absence of facts you should go to the courthouse and read the file.

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