ABCs of DumbDown: Urgent! ESEA Vote This Week!!!

Charlotte’s interview with Rense 11/30/15: Click HERE.

Rep. John Kline, Republican Chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, issued the following press release regarding the House Version of the Reauthorization of ESEA, which will be voted on tomorrow, December 2, or later this week:
Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC): Replace NCLB to Improve Education, Empower Parents | Education & the Workforce Committee

Compare Charlotte’s harsh critique of the House and Senate versions of the Reauthorization of ESEA legislation (above Rense link) which includes her request you call your elected officials at 202-224-3121 to demand a NO vote on House and Senate bills, and a call to Sen. Mike Lee of Utah, requesting him to call for postponement of the vote on the Reauthorization of ESEA.

Call, call, call your representatives and senators immediately (today) and demand they vote NO on the House and Senate bills which, through misleading wording (semantic deception) lead the average American to believe the legislation will reduce the federal/international footprint from education at the local level.

Call, Call, Call Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s office and thank him for exposing in the Congressional Record the illegal shenanigans which have taken place related to passage of this bill, including the rush for a vote on a 1,059-page bill that few Senators and Representatives, and no taxpayers, have had time to read, much less study. Please ask him to publicly (on the Senate floor) call for postponement of the House and Senate votes to provide for a thorough Congressional investigation of these perceived procedural illegalities.

Read more HERE.

Related:  Jeff Rense Interview With Charlotte Iserbyt, November 30, 2015…A Must Listen To! Click HERE.

Please call your senators and representatives and demand they vote no on Reauthorization  of ESEA. – 202-224-3121

Ask them to postpone the vote pending a congressional investigation into the apparent bypassing of Congressional Procedures related to passage of this legislation.

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