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Have you called your elected officials to ask they vote NO on the Alexander/Kline/Murray Reauthorization of ESEA.

Call 202-224-3121. House vote will take place Wednesday, December 2.

Listen to 3-minute video and decide if you want a bill drafted by this Chairman of the Senate Education Committee to affect your children’s futures!  Click here.

Please forward far and wide! Call your elected officials and demand they vote NO on Reauthorization of ESEA.

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  1. Call your elected officials!!! contact your elected officials!!!
    has that done any of you any good yet???
    Your LOCAL, STATE, heaven forbid the moronic traders in DC, are no more than flunkies for the corporations controlled by the new world order (listen to that low life trader Geo. H W Bush), The govt. is a lost cause the schools are and have been a lost cause, I find it impossible if not ludicrous to think any of you including Charlotte think the traders in the de-facto govt. are going to be of any help, don’t you remember (WE THE PEOPLE INC.) thinking they were going to join them and also watch them!! wake to hell up, closing down the STATE from the top down is the only way.
    Begging will not help you or your children, they have been bought off!!!!!!!!
    It’s all about the money and control of us mundane’s!!!!!

    PS: don’t forget your FLU shot and if your an old guffer like me they want to give you a double dose, you can never get enough govt. sponsored poison.
    Dot: you have been right about your stolen property for years and years, has any govt. so-called official helped???

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