Testimony In Opposition To Judge Paul Fritzsche’s Appointment To Active Retired Status On The Maine Bench

November 11, 2015

Source: Falmouth Today
By Editor:
“Our reporter has been waiting patiently for seven years to testify before the Judiciary Committee of the Maine Legislature about what Fritzsche did to protect lawyers, Peter DeTroy, Ralph Dyer, and David VanDyke from malpractice suits. After three days of testimony from lawyers, Thomas Hallett, Mary Davis (the court appointed and paid for expert witness), and VanDyke, Fritzsche came to the conclusion, in direct opposition to the Maine Bar Rules of Ethics, that both Hallett, who quoted the Rule number in his testimony, and Davis’ testimony that DeTroy could not testify, to his previous lies, in a trial (our accurate description of DeTroy’s proffered pre-trial testimony). The reason for this ruling was JUDGE FRITZSCHE doesn’t KNOW when privilege attaches. You would think that something that basic, that simple, that mundane, would be the easiest thing for any judge, even Fritzsche, to understand.

Fritzsche actually thought that the Nimpcompoop VanDyke could prepare for a trial overnight with NO witness list, NO pretrial motions, and NO clue what he would ask the first witness for the State, Peter DeTroy, who was defending VanDyke for malpractice in another case, after DeTroy made millions in the Car Test case and the Cigarette settlement case. Can you say “Quid pro quo”? Fritzsche, the hack, didn’t think VanDyke having to cross- examine his own lawyer was a conflict of interest, because VanDyke didn’t think it was conflict. Yes, we should let these two legal geniuses decide what is, and what is NOT, a conflict. Right!

Fritzsche, during his testimony, made a point that he thought Pro Se litigants should hire a lawyer. What he left out was our researcher couldn’t find one case, out of 73 reviewed, where Fritzsche ruled in favor of any Pro Se litigant. Translation: hire a lawyer even if you can’t afford one, skip paying your rent for a couple of months to pay your lawyer, and give up eating food if you have to because if you don’t hire a lawyer Fritzsche will rule against you.

The icing on the cake for this charade was several members of the Committee consulting their notes to read the PLANTED questions to give Fritzsche a chance to BS some more about what a great and caring judge he’s been for years. His resume is bereft of any litigation experience prior to being set loose on hapless Maine Defendants by Joe Brennan. The only ‘legal’ experience mentioned was house counsel for some non-profits. Just the background we need for a criminal justice on the bench. It seems Fritzsche missed class at law school when they were teaching Ethics 101 and Conflict of Interest 101, you know the part where they teach you that you CAN’T cross examine your own lawyer.

Apparently, this is the only kind of judge we can get on the bench in Maine and the Judiciary Committee eats this crap up with a spoon, and sic’s one bad judge after another on the destitute defendants of Maine.

No wonder Maine ranks 42nd in corruption in State Government with a grade of “F”.’

View video of the testimony HERE.



07/31/15 – Retirement of Justice Paul A. Fritzsche, click here.

Judge Paul A. Fritzsche, York County (Me) Superior Court, Threatens Court Watcher, click here.

In November 2012, Superior Court Justice Paul A. Fritzsche was listed as a member of the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability until August 31, 2018. See post dated  NOVEMBER 18, 2012, HERE.

This indicates that Judges Fristzsche was sitting on the bench while a member of the Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability

As of 11-14-15 – MEMBERS AND STAFF Committee on Judicial Responsibility and Disability –
The Committee is composed of seven members who serve for one nonrenewable six-year term. Two of the members are judges (from the Superior, District, or Probate Courts), two are lawyers,and three are members of the public (including the current chairperson). The judicial members of the Committee are appointed by the Supreme Judicial Court, and the lawyer and public members are appointed by the Court upon the recommendation of the Governor. The current Committee Members are:

Dr. Anne E. Pooler, Chairperson, until February 3, 2021
Dr. Jill Gordon, until October 7, 2017
Jennifer Nichols Ferguson, Esq., until December 12, 2017
Robert E. Crowley, Esq., until August 31, 2018
Jon P. Van Hoogenstyn, until August 31, 2018
Superior Court Justice Nancy D. Mills, until August 20, 2021
District Court Judge Andre G. Janelle, until August 20, 2021
The Committee has four alternate members (one Superior Court Justice, one District Court Judge, one lawyer, and one public member) who attend Committee meetings and vote when a regular member is absent or is disqualified from participating in a particular matter. The current Alternate Members are:


Superior Court Justice Andrew M. Horton, until August 20, 2019
District Court Judge Susan Sparaco, until August 20, 2019
Lawyer Member:

Charles W. Smith Jr., Esq., until August 31, 2018
Lay Member:

Christine S. Gianopoulos, M.P.A., until February 3, 2021
Judicial Liaison:

Associate Justice Ellen A. Gorman, Maine Supreme Judicial Court
In addition, the Committee currently employs a part-time Executive Secretary, who is a lawyer, and an Administrative Assistant. They are:

Cabanne Howard, Executive Secretary

Is there a smell to this?


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