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By Charlotte Iserbyt
September 12, 2015

There has been much coverage regarding the recent Washington State Supreme Court declaring Charter Schools unconstitutional.

The crux of the ruling is centered upon upholding a taxpayer’ right to vote and maintain local accountability. The Court disallowed Charters as they deemed them unconstitutional taxation without representation. Isn’t that why we fought the Revolutionary War? Charter schools have appointed boards while using taxpayer money, but the tax payer has no say in how the money is to be spent. The Court said:

“But the new schools came with a trade-off: the loss of local control and local accountability”

It appears that certain conservative think tanks, editors, and organizations, do not agree with the Washington State ruling.

Read more HERE.

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  1. Hi!

    Does the charter school Good Will Hinckley have a school board that represents the people?


    It has a Board of Directors instead and does NOT represent the people but takes “taxpayer” money.

    This is taxation without representation.

    This Board of Directors hired House Speaker Mark Eves to be its next president but Governor LePage threatened to withhold funds to support this school if they kept him as president.

    Were the people represented in this debacle?


    Once “all” the power of so-called education which is actually “training”
    is transferred to charter schools, then the people will be totally eliminated from any representation.

    The charter schools can and will do whatever they want in the future without any voice from the people. Will these charter schools in the future actually teach anything or just provide useless information to “dumb down” the students?

    Whatever they do in the future is up to the Board of Directors and not to any of the people. We will have NO say whatsoever.

    Look what happened to our “once” local county courts, within and for the county. They are NOW all gone. These “administrative” courts operating today are state-wide courts operating to benefit the state with “administrators” (non-commissioned judges) presiding in them enforcing the “will” of the state.

    Was anyone shouting from the rooftops about the elimination of these
    “local” county courts with actual “commissioned” judges presiding in them?

    I think not.

    I am currently a school board member, and the people can come to our meetings and complain about issues that effect them and their children.

    Could the people arrive at the Good Will Hinckley charter school and bring forth complaints?

    Are they allowed to the meetings in the first place at the said charter school?

    Are they allowed to voice anything?

    The Board of Directors do NOT answer to the people. School Board members do instead.

    Think on this, folks!

    Charter schools are taxation without representation. It receives its money from the taxpayers.

    We, the people, cannot speak. Charter schools are set up to silence the people and take our tax dollars.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  2. Hi!

    Do we, the people, have any say regarding the fraudulent state-wide courts here in Maine?


    We, the people, lost our “local,” county courts in 1930, and in 1935 the people no longer had a trial by jury of “his” peers (see Art. 1, Sec 6). It is now a trial by jury of the government.

    The people’s power was lost gradually and insidiously over time.

    What did the people do about this loss?


    It happened.

    Is it any wonder that most, if not all, of the people lose in these “administrative” courts?

    Wonder no more.

    They are gone. Plain gone.

    Read my book called “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?” by Lise Dupont and learn the truth about our court system and much, much more.

    Available in all bookstores but must be ordered because God forbid that such a book could land on the shelves. It is available in both print format and ebook.

    Eventually all schools will become charter schools, and the people’s voice will be silenced forever. Right now we still have school boards in the public school system but for how much longer?

    Who knows?

    Learn how power of the people gets lost over time.

    We lost our local, county, court system, and now we will be losing our say over the education (training) of our children with these charter schools who take our tax dollars but does NOT represent the people.

    All “power” belongs to the people (see Art. 1, Sec. 2) but yet charter schools do NOT represent the people whatsoever.

    What will the people do about it?

    Begin to educate yourself and take back your power. Start screaming from the rooftops and voice your concerns.

    I have been screaming from the rooftops for years and years.

    We lost our local, county, court system years and years ago so will we now stand back and allow the “taking” of our school system without representation?

    What will the people do?

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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