WLOB Radio Talkin’ Maine With Guest Matt Lauzon 8.1.15

Hosts Kevin Crocker and Brian Thompson interview Matt about the alleged sexual abuse against former Biddeford police officers, listen HERE. (scroll down)

This is a very good interview with Matt.

The stalls and delays by city and state officials/law enforcement for investigation continue.

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Matt, and other victims, had the courage to come forward with the sexual abuses inflicted upon them with a demand for investigation. Matt has met with the same “dead ends” as others who have demanded investigations from the Attorney General’s Office. Official corruption and abuse of power is rampant in the City of Biddeford, County of York, as well as at the state level.

Individuals pursuing justice and demanding investigations are faced with retaliation in some way, shape or form. Government officials will use the “credibility card” and attack the person attempting to bring forth the truth.

Matt will pursue, civilly or criminally, in the court. A second awakening may occur when he learns that the courts “rubber-stamp” the corruption and cover-ups of government officials, as documented evidence proves.

Roger Beaupre has been Police Chief for decades. He has been an “asset” to city councils. The city’s corrupt procedures “behind closed doors” are carried out by Chief Beaupre to achieve their intended goals, ie. false arrests, theft of property…and this is abusive treatment.

A few of examples that demand investigation:
Biddeford Police Report
Not Guilty
FOIA to Judge David Kennedy
FOIA – Judge John David Kennedy REPLY – no action taken…passed the buck!

A good point brought up by the host – was Chief Beaupre “on top of” this sexual abuse matter…or part of it? The above documents prove that he has been part of abuses inflicted upon citizens of Biddeford and cover-up, thereof.

“Brian MacMaster, the Director of Investigations since 1984. Mr. MacMaster has served as the Attorney General’s designee on the Board of Trustees of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy since 1993 and has served as Chair of the Board since 1997.” He has been very successful at brushing complaints “under the rug.”

In the past, if you filed a complaint against a police officer with the Maine Criminal Justice Academy because MasMaster failed in his duties, MacMaster was Chairman of the Board! Both he and Detective Mike Pulire have brushed crimes under the rug. Documented!

The host has “hit the nail on the head.” This instant situation ongoing in Biddeford is more about power and collusion…and it is bigger than the City of Biddeford.

Claims of “conspiracy theories” are used to discredit people who are seeking accountability when crimes have been committed. The “conspiracies” claimed are not “theories.” They are documented fact.

“If Sen. Dutremble or anybody else can show us any shred of misconduct by any current city employee – and I emphasize the word ‘current’ – then the council and I will act swiftly and appropriately,” Casavant said in his written statement. Evidence of “misconduct by current city employees” is available! Evidence, when viewed by Mayor Casavant (which dropped his jaw to his knees), he stated “I didn’t know this was going on.” Well. now he does. Did he act? No!

The host, a fair and impartial outsider, stayed quiet and watched to see the criminal process happen…and he didn’t see it happen! Matt is not on a “witch hunt.” There is a bigger picture. This video by investigator Tom Dunn is most revealing. (Tom was called into the A.G.’s Office to help with an investigation. The A.G. got more than it bargained for…and Tom was taken off the case.) View video (28 min.), HERE. This is the criminal justice system in this state!

Senator David Dutremble was told he was committing “political suicide” in his decision to help the victims and would never win another election. Biddeford does “control” the outcome of elections. Here is one example where a full investigation into the City of Biddeford, and clerk Clairma Matherne, was fully warranted and brushed under the rug!

2004 Biddeford election: The events surrounding this election were not just mere “irregularities” or “mistakes.” Issues are:
1) The premature opening of absentee ballots
2) The failure of the Post Office to mail my first-class campaign flyers. This was paid with clean election funds by the taxpayers of Maine. These were not delivered and neither did the taxpayers receive their mail.

These are state and federal violations of law and a matter of public interest.

Asst. A.G. Leanne Robbins. Detective Mike Pulire was investigator on this case. He was only interested in Chief Beaupre’s trumped up charges of “arm twisting” the elderly against good, honest, decent people.

Secretary of State Matt Dunlap also viewed the physical evidence of campaign flyers not mailed by the Post Office. Click here.

It is no surprise that Matt’s investors were contacted…collusion occurs in many ways, shapes and forms. Putting him out of business will, hopefully, put him out of sight!

Motive behind this cover-up? Personal gain/satisfaction in whatever way, shape, or form. They are in position to protect each other…they have “free reign” to do whatever they want because there will be no accountability. Many of today’s “players” are yesterday’s “players.”

Abuse is any way, shape or form…is ABUSE!

The intent of this commentary is to prove that a “pattern” of official corruption exists at all levels of government no matter what the issue! The documents attached herein are just a fraction of the corruption, but should suffice to make the point. Failure/refusal of officials/law enforcement to act upon criminal activity is a crime in itself…. and an egregious breach of public trust!

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