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The 2015 session of the Louisiana legislature included several attempts to remove the privacy protections of public school students contained within Act 837–protections which this same legislature had passed unanimously and the governor signed into law just one year ago.

No attempt was more egregious than that of HB 245 by Rep. Henry.

At the onset, HB 245 was a good bill. The intent was to prevent the state from using content standards and state assessments to measure emotional, physical, or psychological characteristics, attributes or skills of our children. The Louisiana Dept. of Education added amendments which proposed to actually ALLOW such measures to be taken on ALL public school students in Louisiana.  The bill, as amended, was reported favorably to the full House and eventually became Act 384.

The passage of HB 245 into law was the legislature’s, LDOE’s and Gov. Jindal’s attempt to ignore the fact that Act 837 of 2014 prohibits school districts from requiring the collection of certain information from students.  This information includes biometric and psychological information and can only be collected if voluntarily disclosed BY THE PARENT. 

That section of Act 837 was enacted notwithstanding any law to the contrary.  This means that no matter what any other law may say, this section of Act 837 IS THE LAW! 

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