By Jonah M. Kessel

As Beijing Becomes a Supercity, the Rapid Growth Brings Pains

This is what has been writing about for over a year.

The video included in the above link tells much about S1177 and HR 5 and their plans to implement Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”.

One of America’s finest education researchers, who attended a Community Education Conference in Washington, D.C., in the early nineteen seventies told me:

“One of the attendees, a community educator, asked the facilitator what community education could be likened to? The facilitator’s response was “Communist China’s system”. has multiple posts regarding this totalitarian communist system which is part of recently passed S1177 and HR 5.

Read more HERE.

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  1. Hi!

    The “dumbing down” process here in these United States is an “indirect” way of controlling the people over time.

    First of all, the government does not possess any delegation of authority (See Constitution of the United States, Art 1, Section 8)
    to be involved in education which is more like “training” instead =
    robot training/dog training.

    Second of all, what the government cannot do “directly” as it relates to the constitutional mandates cannot also do things “indirectly,” (back door process) for example, the dumbing down process and more.

    The questions to ask are this:

    1. Why the dumbing down process?

    2. Who benefits from this dumbing down process?


    1. The government benefits by having “power and control” over the government “plantation” of its slaves via laws, rules, regulations and so forth.

    2. The people lose over time.

    It is a way to prevent its “slaves” from engaging in critical thinking
    and figuring things out. It is also a way to prevent the people from asking questions of the government and protesting (uprising/revolution), if need be.

    Plantation owners of the South helped to pass laws to prevent slaves from being taught how to read and write.


    They knew that an educated slave will NOT be a “good” slave and submit to the owners’ mandates of slave labor with no pay, horrible living conditions and so forth.

    How many people know that the term “drive/driving” is a commercial term?

    How many people know that the people have a right to “travel” on the public highways without permission of the state or the general government?

    How many people know that the “income tax” is a communist tax?

    How many people know that NO ONE in these United States own any property at all?

    What is the social security number about?

    How many people know that welfare benefits are communistic? Take the money from the “producers” and give it to the non-producers.

    Shall I go on?

    Lastly, the dumbing process leaves the people with the lack of ability of understanding their rights and that they are actually slaves on the NWO plantation.

    One way to overcome the dumbing process is to READ and especially the “original” constitution of your state as well as the general government.

    Read, read, and more reading is essential to overcome this.

    Examine throughout the years and see if the laws “follow” the “original” constitution.

    If not, then it is fraud and treason against the people.

    I have found plenty of fraud and treason against the people in the last 8 years of my investigation here in Maine.

    The legislature has become the omnipotent, tyrannical department.

    We are seeing it ONCE AGAIN with the LePage chaos regarding the passage/non-passage of certain so-called laws passed by the legislature recently.

    Wake up, folks!

    We have become slaves, and the state has become the tyrannical dictator along with the general government and controls just about everything in our lives.

    Most people have become so dumbed down that they don’t even know that they have become ignorant.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • couldn’t have said it better myself. You really need to join National Liberty Alliance . We need leaders who are educated in constitutional matters . Currently looking for thousands of people to fill positions to take the / our country back .

  2. To answer some of your Qs The most of the people do not know of their right to travel and the ones that do end up in the phony courts with a phony court picked jury all possessing drivers licenses, what verdict do you think that pack of morons will reach?

    I don’t know how many know welfare is communistic, but I suspect a lot of recipients know something is not right but don’t give a shit.

    The big money grabbers are the administrators of welfare programs, most all programs take in access of 80o/o of every dollar to administer, these are your real welfare grubs.

    I suspect a lot of the people are aware of the problems and takeover the govts. have put us in but understanding the depth is another matter, and doing anything about it has for the most been dumbed away from most and there is also the fear factor, every so often someone is sacrificed by govt. to keep the rest in line.

    Most people are afraid so they shun or demonize people like myself as I have been fighting govt. take over since departing the military in the early sixties (on the golf course recently another golfer came running up to me and gave me a Cuban cigar, stating Castro and I are the only ones he knew that told the FED. Govt. where to go), my suggestion to all that have a clue but are afraid, simply remove your name from the voter list.

    Lise: are you still registered?

    • Starts at state level , the govenor . He needs to be made to follow the constitution , or remove him . Not by vote , but by GRAND JURY BY THE PEOPLE. Join the National Liberty Alliance . We need everybody’s help .

  3. Any start is a good start, I think a local start is more achievable, town or city, the so-called leaders (councilors) in the city where I live, are dumbed down and easily lead by anyone from out of town with a briefcase, most of them bent on keeping us slaves under control and have no problem convincing said council, back in the mid nineties I ran and was elected to this council, I could make no impact on any of them a lot of them are still there gladly making slaves of WE THE PEOPLE.

    I do believe more people suspect something is wrong so maybe more headway can be made now.

    What do you have to do to join the “National Liberty Alliance”

    Good luck.

  4. type it in your computer it will come right up

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