Thanks to all of you who worked very hard to kill HR 5.

Without you we would never have come so very close to killing HR 5.

We were up against very powerful forces on the left, and from the corporations and the neoconservative right.

It is a real shame that the neoconservative right did not take up this blog’s #NO WAY ESEA banner until virtually the last minute.

Had those groups become involved with our blog right after HR 5 was tabled in February, it is very likely we could have killed this bill hands down.

Let us hope that “they” will not continue to involve themselves in the dialectic (working with the enemy) in order to accomplish their tax-funded school choice and  charter schools with unelected boards agenda, which originated with the left many years ago and which has always been the plan to take education decision-making away from the citizens. (Taxation without Representation.)

The United States of America is, we believe, the lone nation which still hastrue school choice (private education paid for with private money, not tax money). What the government funds the government controls.

The internationalists MUST bring the United States of America on board with tax-funded school choice/charters w/unelected boards in order to implement global workforce training and TOTAL INTERNATIONAL CONTROL OF EDUCATION.

Read more HERE.

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