Tribal Representatives Withdraw From Maine Legislature

PPH reports “The Penobscot and Passamaquoddy tribes withdrew their representatives to the Legislature on Monday in response to what leaders said is a dangerous deterioration in the relationship between the sovereign tribes and the state.

Legislative records show that two tribes have sent representatives to the Legislature since the early 1800s. Their role and recognition by state government has been tempestuous and varied, however. The Penobscots first sent representatives in 1823. The Passamaquoddies sent representatives in 1842.” This article has been updated.

PPH reports “A day after withdrawing their representatives from the Maine legislature, three of the state’s four Indian tribes resolved Wednesday to no longer recognize the authority of state officials, legislators and courts to “define our sovereignty or culture or to interfere with our self-governing rights.”

The three tribes also called on the federal government to intervene in their increasingly heated disputes with Gov. Paul LePage and Attorney General Janet Mills over the meaning of the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act of 1980, asking for a congressional inquiry. In a joint declaration, they asked for a “review of the actions of Maine that have resulted in a diminishment of our rights as federally recognized, sovereign Indian troes and of the adverse impacts upon our cultures, rights and resources.”

In their declaration, the tribes charged that the state has repeatedly encroached on their sovereign powers, land and resources, seeking “to perpetuate us as wards of the State of Maine.”’ Read more HERE.


§6203. Definitions – Note Section 4. – Laws of the State. “Laws of the State” means the Constitution and all statutes, rules or regulations and the common law of the State and its political subdivisions, and subsequent amendments thereto or judicial interpretations thereof.

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