City of Biddeford (ME): Attorney Gene Libby’s Statements…Quite The Revelation!

Courtesy of Lise from Maine

According to the WGME article, Gene Libby, the attorney for the alleged abuser, states in part: “Libby says his client was investigated and went before a Grand Jury in 1991.”

First of all, this is quite a revelation!

This is the hijacking of the Grand Jury to allow the “accused” in the jury room because of the potential to “control and influence” the Jurors.  The accused has no business nor any delegation of authority to enter a Grand Jury room.

Doesn’t Mr. Libby know this or is he ignorant of the Grand Jury process? Wasn’t he taught this in law school or do law schools not teach this any  longer?

The “accused” is NOT allowed in the Grand Jury room because the Jurors can ONLY interview “witnesses” and see the actual evidence as provided by the Attorney General if the state is a potential party to a cause or as provided by the district attorney, formerly the County Attorney who is a constitutional officer and unlawfully abolished, where the county is a potential party to a cause. The Jurors are looking for “probable cause” (not guilt) to see if there is sufficient evidence to take the cause to trial. The Jurors do not conduct a trial by jury of his peers.

Also, the accused gets a chance to present his witnesses during a trial by jury of his peers (there is no longer a trial by jury of his peers since 1935 and only a trial by jury of the government to ensure a conviction), and the accused can testify in his defense at trial if he so chooses but he can decline to take the stand (see Article 1, Section 6 of the Constitution of the State of Maine). This is where the accused has his chance to obtain his due process rights and not in the Grand Jury room.

Attorney Gene Libby Press Release, HERE.

WGME13 – View report and read more HERE.

WCSH6 – View report and read moreHERE.

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  1. Hi!

    The Channel 13 report link doesn’t work.

    Try reposting it again.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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