Maine Governor Paul LePage Makes Bid To Let Governor Pick Attorney General, Treasurer

BDN reports “Gov. Paul LePage has made good on his pledge to propose fundamental changes in the way the state’s constitutional officers — the attorney general, treasurer and secretary of state — are selected.

It’s a real power grab, says House Majority Leader Jeff McCabe, a Democrat from Skowhegan. “This isn’t the governor proposing to change these positions from, you know, legislative vote to popular vote,” McCabe said. “This is the governor taking on offices that are statewide offices and putting them under his appointment structure and making them part of his Cabinet.”

Senate President Mike Thibodeau, a Republican from Winterport, said the three proposals should not be partisan and should be considered on the basis of what is best for the state in the future. He expects the bills will be sent to the State and Local Government Committee for public hearings.” Read more HERE.


Courtesy of Lise from Maine

Originally, the Attorney General was nominated and appointed by the governor with the advise and consent of the Council (see Art. 5, Section 8 of the “original” Constitution of the State of Maine) and operated under the control of the Executive department. The Council was unlawfully abolished in 1976.

The tyrannical legislature proposed an amendment in 1855 to bring the Attorney General under the control of the legislature, and it was unlawfully passed by the electors. In other words, the tyrannical legislature “stole” the ability of the governor with his council to select their own “field” person.

Remember, it is the governor who executes the laws (see Art. 5, Sec. 12) and originally the Attorney General was a “commissioned” officer who went into the “terrain” called counties and attended all court sessions to make sure that the laws were faithfully executed for the governor and represented the State if the State was a party to a cause. The AG also instructed the County Attorney if the county was a party to a cause. County Attorneys were unlawfully abolished in 1973.

Today, the Attorney General operates unlawfully from the Department of the Attorney General (see Title 5, MRS, Chap. 9, Sec. 191). There is NO such thing as a Department of the Attorney General related to the constitution. The AG is also mentioned in Article IX, Section 11 of the “statutory” constitution.

In Title 5, MRS, Chap. 5, Sec. 81 the Secretary of State operates unlawfully from the Department of the Secretary of State of which again there is NO such thing as that department as it relates to the constitution. In the “statutory codified” constitution of 2013 it mentions the Secretary of State in Article V, Executive Power, Part Second. This is a “contradiction” pertaining to the Department of the Secretary of State who acts “independently” in it and having the Secretary located in the Executive Department. It defies common sense.

The Treasurer of State is mentioned in Title 5, MRS, Chap. 7, Sec. 121 and in Article V, Part Third of the said constitution.

All three (3) public officers belong in the Executive Department. Not so today except the Treasurer.

What is Title 5, MRS? It is Administrative Procedures and Services. What does this show? That the “state” is actually an “administrative” state ONLY; it is a “statutory” state ONLY. It is NOT a constitutional state at all.

In Article III of the constitution it mentions ONLY three (3) departments: Executive, Legislative and the Judicial. Where is the Department of the Attorney General mentioned? Where is the Department of Secretary of State mentioned?

They don’t exist anywhere in the constitution, and it is fraud and treason.

No one can abolish the office of the Secretary of State and replace the said office with a lieutenant governor. This is another piece of fraud and treason. LePage would commit fraud and treason if he proposed this.

I believe that House Majority leader Jeff McCabe is off the wall. This is NOT a power  grab as all three (3) public officers are supposed to operate from the Executive department to begin with.

Senate President Mike Thibodeau states: “The three proposals should not be partisan and should be considered on the basis of what is best for the state in the future (emphasis is mine).” Is this guy for real? Is he off the wall, too? Of course, he is. Why is that? It should NEVER be “what is best for the state…” Instead it should be “what is best for the people.”

Lastly, why is LePage attending a republican governor’s association meeting in another state? Each State is supposed to be free and independent but that is not the case today.

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Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go? by Maine Author Lise Dupont. Click here.

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