ABCs of DumbDown: An Alert by Anita Hoge…National Review Online and Thomas B. Fordham Institute are wrong, wrong, wrong on HR 5

National Review Online and Fordham Institute are totally wrong on HR 5. They are calling HR 5 as “take back our schools” legislation and that “federal overreach in education might finally be coming to a close.” Michael Petrilli says HR 5 will end Obama’s “prescriptive playbook.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. HR 5 calls for total control of education with private and religious schools being dragged into the mix.

HR 5 DOES NOT shrink the federal role in education. HR 5 expands the federal roll mandating that  every “at-risk” child, which is ALL CHILDREN NOT MEETING COMMON CORE, including the soft skill standards in the affective domain, must be remediated.  Teachers will be required to track and code values, attitudes, beliefs, and dispositions and treat deficiencies therein with psychological interventions from birth to graduation. 

The definitions of specialized student instructional support, direct student services, and interventions in the social, emotional, and behavioral domain of a student are cloaked in doublespeak under labels like disabilities, related services, or rehabilitation. The devil is in the definitions. 

HR 5 DOES NOT REDUCE the authority of the Secretary of Education.
(PP. 513-525, ‘‘PART D—WAIVERS,  ‘‘SEC. 6401. Waivers of Statutory and Regulatory Requirements) Sec. 6401 gives the Secretary of Education the authority to use waivers for state or local education agencies in HR 5, at his convenience.

HR 5 DOES NOT put states, communities, parents, and teachers back in charge.
There are massive amounts of mandates that force compliance on states and local school districts under equity, accountability, and treatment. It expands the definition of at-risk Title I children to all private and religious schools and mandates they have the same equitable services and interventions (direct student services, or choice) which is no choice at all when an ombudsman oversees the school.

HR 5 places the Institute for Educational Sciences and National Center for Education Statistics (IES/NCES) as “BIG BROTHER” NATIONAL SCHOOL BOARD for data tracking and trafficking using a unique national ID entering all of the personally identifiable information on our children through each state longitudinal data system. Neither National Review nor Finn ever mention the FERPA betrayal implemented by Obama’s Executive Order(12866) to unlock the data to sell our children’s personally identifiable information including psychological profiles to big business. NO explanations. Just approval of HR 5.

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Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

Guerilla Media Network Iserbyt Archives link

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