Public Hearings Monday, March 16, 2015 On Representative John Martin’s Bills: An Act To Eliminate Term Limits for Legislators and An Act To Increase the Salaries of the Governor and Legislators

Rep. John Martin of Eagle Lake began serving in Augusta in 1964 and is seeking to eliminate Maine’s term limit law.

The bills go before the state and local government committee on Monday.

Martin’s bill LD 406 would increase the governor’s salary from $70,000 a year to $120,000, and would increase legislative salaries from $24,000 every two years to $41,000. Read more HERE.

State and Local Government

Mar 16, 2015, 1:00p Cross Building, Room 214

LD 182 – An Act To Eliminate Term Limits for Legislators

LD 406 – An Act To Increase the Salaries of the Governor and Legislators

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  1. Using his muscle…

    • That’s right!

      • He wants to be able to stay there forever and keep on collecting more…..

  2. Pay LeBonehead double that with the caveat that when he pursues litigation without merit, as he is always doing, he pays his own legal bills.

  3. I have said this so many times and for so long I feel like a parrot, here we go again, we the people (who are being robbed to keep this idiotic thing going mistakenly called Govt.) do not have time to meet in disgusta to stop or even slow the never ending parade of pocket picking ideas these parasites can dream-up, if we want a place for our children, grandchildren, in my case great grandchildren, to live free and not be slaves to this make believe Govt. we are going to have to rid ourselves of this ever controlling corp. STATE OF MAINE.
    Getting rid of this parasite is just a start, all corps. controlling us must go.
    Look at the recent past and our wasting time with “Briefs”, “confirmation hearings”, now this bull from John Martin (a super parasite), I could go on, their theft never ends, all these things are symptoms of a disease, that disease is corporations masquerading as governments anything short of dissolving their corporate charters is a waste of time.
    A recommended web-site (

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