ABCs of DumbDown: No Way, ESEA! A Teacher’s Courageous Speech…An Example of True Grassroots Teacher Activism!

A 3D Research Report by teacher Dawn Hoagland

“I gave half of the speech (before I was cut off for time allotment) in a public forum which was the Greenburgh Town Hall. A panel of 7 Democrat and Republican legislators convened to listen to public comments on New York Governor Cuomo’s budget and education proposal’s. They collected written comments at the end from anyone who didn’t get to speak or didn’t get to read their full speech.

Below is an excerpt from the speech which I gave to the Westchester lawmakers on Monday.”

Read more HERE.

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Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

Guerilla Media Network Iserbyt Archives link

Exposing The Global Road To Ruin Through Education-Trailer Links

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  1. I thought i would just post this for educating we the peoples PUBLIC employees….We have never had notice and opportunity to respond to legislative acts ,judicial acts ,executive acts outside the well-defined, well written, mandatory limits of the constitutions !!!!
    No due process.
    These principles VOID any execution WHEN the grantor and beneficiary declares the act or omission NON-CONSTITUTIONAL!
    NON-CONSTITUTIONAL at its fundamental core is simply a breach of the public trust.
    Show cause why you believe that you or the previous holders of the office that you serve could grant yourself powers , act outside the specific limits of the contract holding for the jitterbug authorized use of the limited power granted to government under any of its branches, legislative, executive or judicial!
    Allegation of breach of public trust can only be dealt with through quo warranto.
    Any violation of law is a civil rights complaint criminal in nature based upon breach of public trust.
    The Qual Warranto is the SEAL on the process, the procedure exposing all!

    We have never had notice and opportunity to respond to the judicially constructed ,statements and activities of or by judicial functions being considered to be law.!!!!
    The fundamental principle of due process destroys the courts interpreting the contract whence their legitimate powers come from.
    The mere statement that the judges can create law through their activities falls under ex post facto, Bill of attainder, any impairment of contracts.
    There is no Limited or exclusive attachment of legislative construction in the bill of attainder, ex post facto or impairment of contract clauses. The clause covers every act of the entity created!
    The bill of attainder, ex post facto, impairment of contract clause in the state constitution perfects completely our execution of the contract Constitution.

    We have access to common-law writs from our superior jurisdiction to the inferior limited jurisdiction.
    The legislative jurisdictions constructing administration over the common-law Writs is limited in application to those subject to as agents the powers of government.
    We have particular access to the writ of quo warranto ,writ of prohibition, writ of mandamus.
    In short, show me where your authority came from, show me that you pledged to the authority of the people through their constitution creating your office or stop doing something, and do it this way as required by law.

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