ABCs of DumbDown: No Way, ESEA! Conservative Traitors and How They Deceive

The Silence on ESEA is Deafening!


MY HEAD IS SPINNING! According to this Breitbart article, Jane Robbins and Emmett McGroarty of the American Principles Project put out an alert:

“SETRA is dangerous legislation that would expand federal psychological profiling of children through expanding research on ‘social and emotional learning,’” asserts Jane Robbins, senior fellow at American Principles in Action. “It would facilitate sharing of education statistics across states and agencies. It would continue to rely on the now-gutted FERPA statute to protect student data. SETRA must be defeated to protect student privacy rights.”

The article continues:

Emmett McGroarty, Director of Education at American Principles in Action, said, “Leadership is betraying the Constitution and the American people by rushing this bill through. Having so blithely disrespected the American people, it is difficult to see how they will ever regain their trust.”

Emmett McGroarty and the whole American Principles Project group should be added to my conservative traitor list! This blog will continue to add these traitors as they come on (at the last moment) to oppose two bills the blog has been exposing for months. Not because I or my blog, which receive no financial support whatsoever, feels personally offended, but because these people, had they lived during the American Revolution, would have been called turncoats!

Jane Robbins

On the one hand they support killing the Constitution (by not opposingHR 5, the House version of the ESEA) which will be voted on February 27. And with the other hand they pretend to oppose HR 4366 and S 227, designed to kill the Constitution.

Where have Emmett McGroarty, Jane Robbins, et al been while my blog, containing all of Anita Hoge’s brilliant research going back 25 years, opposed the Reauthorization of ESEA (HR 5) and Sen. Lamar Alexander’s version of the ESEA bill? Where have they been while the numerous grassroots researchers tried to explain to the nation the unconstitutional nature of the Alexander and Kline bills?

How dare they pretend now to oppose HR 4366, and get publicity for it, a bill which contains many of the controversial elements of HR 5 and Sen. Alexander’s bill?

How dare they come on board at this time? Are they REALLY on board? They cannot be trusted!

When will the good parents and taxpayers understand how they have been used by these so-called conservative groups? When will people stop sending huge checks to these groups to “preserve” the Constitution, the very Constitution these groups have are allowing to be gutted by HR 5 and Alexander’s bill?

This is a very clever and deceptive strategy. Look for other conservative traitors to latch onto the same trick. It makes them appear that they are fighting something, when in fact they are ignoring theReauthorization of the ESEA.

Read more HERE.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

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