City Councilor Bradley Cote’s Midmeeting Resignation Shocks Biddeford Council

PPH reports “Claiming frustration with the way decisions were made, ‘without facts and data,’ Bradley Cote walks out.

When Biddeford City Councilor Bradley Cote calmly announced his resignation, put on his jacket and walked out of council chambers Tuesday night in the middle of a council meeting, the looks on the faces of his fellow board members said it all.

“I did not see that coming. I don’t think anyone saw that coming,” said Mayor Alan Casavant. “If you looked closely, my jaw was probably on my desk.”’

“Some people look at it like I’m quitting, but I don’t really feel that way,” he said. “I don’t feel comfortable making decisions without facts and data. They’ll need to find someone else do to that.

Casavant said he will try to find a replacement who can learn the ropes quickly as the council prepares to tackle the municipal budget.

“My objective is to find someone who will mesh with this council…”

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Kudos to Bradley Cote for standing on principle and not falling prey to the old adage of ” what a web we weave, when we first practice to deceive”,   like some his fellow colleagues are doing. (Some of Grattelo’s cronies are back on the council.) Biddeford City Councilors have ruined the lives of people in that community making decisions  ‘without facts and data.’

Mayor Alan Casavant states “I did not see that coming. I don’t think anyone saw that coming. If you looked closely, my jaw was probably on my desk.”

Why would your jaw drop, Mayor Casavant, when you already know how the City of Biddeford operates? This is no surprise to you…you knew Biddeford’s “operations” long before you became mayor! Your jaw dropped when you were presented documented evidence of official corruption taking place in Biddeford (and the state) when you were a state representative. You were “gung-ho” on taking action and changed your mind…for some reason! You chose to look the other way. By doing so, your silence becomes part of the corruption.

As Mayor Casavant appears “in shock” to the public, he is very well aware of the “inner-workings” of the City of Biddeford and the “players.” He, and some officials, have managed to “pull the wool” over the eyes of members in the community who buy into the BS. Maybe one day they will wake up!

Mayor Casavant “will try to find a replacement who can “learn the ropes” quickly and who will mesh with this council.” Quite revealing!

What kind of beings sit in these elected positions?  Their actions are a public scandal!

A few examples:

City of Biddeford Election, click here.

Background of City Councilor, Bob Mills.

Biddeford City Counselor Bob Mills and HUD Behind The Curtain, click here.

Official corruption behind closed doors, click here.


As the swill turns……


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  1. Mayor Cassavant, Dottie and I sat in the Biddeford library with you and brought you some very revealing information and documentation of plenty wrong doings and corruption before your campaign for mayorship. I even gave you a well written bill to help give Mainers an avenue to bring their grievances to an unbiased, unprejudiced and balanced committee (half legislative, half “blue collar”) to address these grievances at the state level, but you did nothing with it. So since you have been and are aware of decisions being made throughout the state and at Capital Hill without much (if any) facts and data, or even having them just throw them out and ignoring them, you’re comment about your “jaw hitting your desk” is nothing but “showboating” for the masses. You really have become quite the political stage actor and have learned the showboating profession well! Too bad you couldn’t learn how to follow your oath of office and represent your constituents just as well!

    • I remember our meeting with Casavant very well. His jaw did drop to his knees! He couldn’t believe his eyes. He wasn’t very happy about what he saw. I thought he had some decency/honesty/integrity…he even fooled me for bit. Sometime after our meeting with him, I spoke with him on the phone and asked why he hadn’t done anything about the criminal conduct we brought to him. He stated he had spoken with the city attorney…that he “doesn’t know the law” and there was nothing he would do. I asked, if you don’t know the law, what are you doing in Augusta creating law? We haven’t communicated since. Doesn’t this tell you something? Perhaps the AG’s office “has his back” too!

  2. This clown is looking for someone who will mesh, doesn’t that sound typical? all councilors should blindly go along with whatever sticks it up the a– of us slaves, wasn’t that what that dumbbell just said?

    • “Mesh”, “know the ropes”…”codes” for elected officials???? Some of us aren’t blind to their corrupt agenda!

      • I don’t know if you have ever been a council member, I have, what he is saying is he wants a rubber stamp, some people are to brilliant for their own skin, it’s a shame some comments have to come from us lesser beings.

  3. On the other hand, it’s people like Mr. Cote who are needed on city councils/legislatures…to keep these officials in line!

    • Absolutely! They stop good people like you Dottie, and me from joining their ranks. So, when good people like us DO get there (like Mr. Cote), they need to stay there no matter how distasteful, disgusting and uncomfortable it may be, so they can continue shining the light upon the bad guys’ actions by constantly saying during their public meetings, “I can’t in good conscience vote for (or against) this because we don’t have all the facts and data to make an informed decision on this”! This will not only show the people that he (she) won’t just follow the crowd blindly, but will also inform them of what the others are doing (or not doing) when they should be requesting more information! All we have to do to see a good example of this is to look at ObamaCare…the friggin Congress hadn’t even READ THE BILL (thus didn’t have all the facts & data!), yet passed it anyways! This happens ALL the time at state and city/town level too! We need the likes of Mr. Cote in among these “cockroaches” just to help shine a light on them so they’ll scatter and maybe we’ll be able to make the correct changes needed to make things right again!

      • So true, Debby and well stated.People have to see through the “swill” that this extends to the state level….AG having “their backs.”

  4. Rich, I know what Casavant is saying. He doesn’t fool me….

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