ABCs of DumbDown: RESUME THE 1953-1954 REECE COMMITTEE – Charlotte Iserbyt Interview with Dr. Stanley Monteith, 6/18/14


You can listen to me (Charlotte) discussing the highly-funded neoconservative bandwagon (movies, books, conferences, TV shows, etc.) working in opposition to Common Core. This “Common Core” agenda is nothing but a diversion from the real Trojan Horse — tax-funded school “choice” which will kill all private, religious, and public education and may well destroy our elected form of government due to its removal of elected boards to oversee the expenditure of a gargantuan amount of tax money. Charter schools are public schools BUT they have NO elected local school boards. (This is Taxation Without Representation!)

[What the federal government funds the federal government controls.]

The government/corporations want their own education system and know that they must control all education in order to accomplish their lifelong global workforce training agenda. The reason they are going after public education is due to the fact that we still have elected local school boards, accountable directly to voters and parents. This is a major obstacle to their changing over our education system from an academic focus to a performance-based workforce training focus — with full implementation of a womb-to-tomb system of control of all Americans.

URGENT!!!! In this interview I also call for a resumption of the Congressional Investigation of the Tax-Exempt Foundations aka Reece Committee Investigation hearings, headed up by the late Norman Dodd, Research Director, 1953-1954, which were abruptly shut down in 1954.

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Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

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  1. We can keep beating this around until we are older and greyer then we are now or until forever, the govt. stealing and corrupting our youth is a symptom of a disease the disease is the government, I don’t care if it’s local or nation wide they are all corrupted and should be eliminated, what ever happened to CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED?
    I don’t know about you but I do not believe O-BOMB-US could lead someone with the shits to the throne, closing down this unlawful govt. is our only salvation.
    If we allow these criminals to vaccinate our children and us at will we are done, these assholes never explain if the vaccines are effective how can I or my children cause any damage to those that are vaccinated, do you suppose O-BOMB-US will take time out of his busy golf and vacation schedule to enlighten us, or will he go on TV again and take another phony vaccine (shot) with no poison, to convince us slaves to take the vaccines loaded with poison and give them all to our children without question after all the ALL KNOWING O-BOMB-US knows best, he got ten votes and a lot of electronic voter machine manipulation to prove it.

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