A Nightmare Scenario Is Underway

“The world is changing.

The global culture our children will inherit will be vastly different than what it is today.”

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  1. The liers lying incessantly need to be called out. Humanism eliminates guilt shame and honor but the nature of the human being despite conditioning in this belief system is easily suseptable to shame. Public shaming is the bane of the narcissist. Betrayal is a visceral experience and the American people need to wake up and feel it. The press is shameful, so many deceitful in washington, in local and state legislatures. They are teaching the kids to NOT be able to sense BS or danger. Breeding out the ability to use your instincts to create harmonious livable communities. To accept betrayal or not even notice it. This is what we are experiencing now with parents who are not responding to this. Heads filled with all the noise of trash and fake media. Keeping up with the jones who got into the coveted charter school. Won the lottery. Golden ticket. PR used to be called propaganda and mass psychology is a big factor in the braindead parent syndrome.
    How to break through?

    • Iit is likely that many on the hill fell victim to the boys town shenanigans in the eighties and somebody has some blackmail pictures that would cause a huge public shaming among other things like legal problems. The SHAME factor is a big motivator, especially to someone with a huge and fragile ego.
      These blackmail set ups are a handy tool for those with a long term plan. Knowing the ego’s of those seeking power fame and wealth makes them easy prey. They are handcuffed waiting years, decades, for the other shoe to drop. Shoes are dropping bigtime.
      How else can we explain the complete betrayal? Fear of shame.

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