Are The Political Opinions Of Phil Harriman and Ethan Strimling Regarding Governor Paul LePage’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment Relative To Constitutional Officers On Target?

Phil and Ethan, both former Maine state senators, were guests today on WCSH6TV’s “Sunday’s Political Brew.”

View video HERE.

It is encouraging that Phil Harriman did bring to light the history of Maine’s original constitution (1820) with respect to constitutional officers and, specifically, the Governor’s Executive Council. His statement “the Executive Council was abolished” goes much further into history.

1975 Amendment

Research proves that the Executive Council was abolished unlawfully by the fraudulent 1975, Public Law – AN ACT Redistributing the Powers of the Executive Council. Governor LePage cannot do anything lawfully regarding the state’s business without the “advise and consent” of the council (see article 5, Part 2 of the original constitution). Maine Constitution (1820)

Re the Attorney General’s Office – Research proves the attorney general’s office was “stolen” from the Executive department by the Legislative department via the unlawful 1855 Resolve.

Phil and Ethan (and the legislature) are encouraged to further study the fraudulent 1975 Public Law and the 1855 Resolve, which are null and void, and continue to shine the light on Maine’s original constitution and the authority mandated by this document.

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What’s Behind Governor Paul LePage’s Proposed Constitutional Amendment Relative To Constitutional Officers?

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