Journalists Challenging Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz’s Order…The Egg Has Cracked

WCSH6TV reports “Some local news outlets, including NEWS CENTER, are challenging a local judge on an order he issued in court Monday.

NEWS CENTER’s attorneys agree that this order is unconstitutional, and therefore, we are going to report the complete series of events that took place in court.

Anthony Sineni, who is a well-known lawyer, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges that stemmed from a domestic incident involving Sineni’s former girlfriend and the mother of his children. She was the only witness who testified in court. She spoke at length about the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of Sineni. She described the violence in detail and said that Sineni had told her children not report the abuse to police.

When Judge Moskowitz called Sineni’s case, he addressed the three members of the media in the room, which included a reporter and a photographer from WCSH-TV, and instructed them not to record any of the testimony given by witnesses. That’s a request often made by judges and NEWS CENTER generally complies with it. Moskowitz then further instructed the press not to report any of the witness testimony. When the Portland Press Herald’s reporter was asked for time to call his lawyer, the judge refused and proceeded with the case.

NEWS CENTER has hired First Amendment attorney Jonathan Piper to assist us in handling this matter. He said he was shocked to learn that there was an order telling the press what they could report in an open court proceeding.

“This is one of those unfortunate instances where a judge has made a decision that they probably wish they hadn’t made, and the media, not just locally but nationally, is going to link arms and make sure that decisions like this don’t happen” Piper said. He also emphasized the importance of Freedom of the Press in the courtroom.

“Courts impose sentences. They put people in jail. They fine them. And if we don’t know the reasons why courts do what they do, we are all in trouble,” he said.

NEWS CENTER is also filing a formal complaint with the court, and we received a phone call from the court Tuesday afternoon saying the judge is calling a hearing Wednesday to “clear things up.” NEWS CENTER will attend the hearing and will report the proceedings.”

To view NEWS CENTER report and read more, click here.

BDN reports “The unprecedented oral order, issued by Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz, drew criticism Tuesday from First Amendment advocates.

“This order is a major strike to the First Amendment and the public’s right to know about its court system and those accused of crimes,” Justin Silverman, executive director of the New England First Amendment Coalition in Westborough, Massachusetts, said Tuesday in an email. “It is pre-publication censorship and almost certainly an unconstitutional prior restraint. It is disappointing that a judge of this stature would disregard such fundamental First Amendment protections.”

The gag order was announced at a hearing where Anthony J. Sineni II, 52, of Standish, a criminal defense lawyer in southern Maine, was convicted on one count each of assault and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors. The plea agreement was a result of negotiations with the Maine attorney general’s office, which prosecuted the case, Sineni’s attorney, Christopher Largay of Bangor, said Tuesday.

In exchange for Sineni’s plea, a misdemeanor count of domestic violence assault, three counts of witness tampering and one count of possession of a stolen gun or guns were dismissed, all of which are felonies, Largay said.

Moskowitz scheduled the unusual hearing for 11 a.m. Wednesday, according to Mary Ann Lynch, spokeswoman for the Maine court system.”

Read more HERE.

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  1. Many judges have a “God complex”.

  2. Its not a God Complex, it is a Satan Complex. Judges are at war against the constitutional law of the land.

  3. Here is a message that I just sent to News 6:

    I had to watch this several times to make sure it was real. It is about time you journalists stood up to the corrupt judges. Want to have some fun with this judge, ask him for his commission. No commission, no judicial power.

    Want to learn more:

    Tell Sarah Thanks for doing her job.


  4. Here’s what a judge’s commission looks like…does Judge Moskowitz have one?

  5. “In exchange for Sineni’s plea, a misdemeanor count of domestic violence assault, three counts of witness tampering and one count of possession of a stolen gun or guns were dismissed, all of which are felonies”…..the Attorney General has some answering to do; long overdue!

  6. Hi!

    Good point!

    Does so-called Judge Moskowitz have a commission?

    I am willing to bet that he does NOT have one which means that he does not operate from a “public” office and has NO title as that is the function of a commission (see 1843 Bouvier’s Law Dictonary).

    No commission = no judicial power = no immunity = a mere employee ONLY.

    Without a commission he is an impostor.

    As an impostor he cannot hear any causes, fine anyone, send anyone to jail, issue a summon and so forth,

    And that so-called court is a state-wide court that Moskowitz operates from which acts “for the state” as opposed to a county court, within and for the county (local control).

    The media should be investigating these “fake” judges aka “mere” employees of the state for what they really are. Fakes and impostors.

    They are the criminals.

    Furthermore, what happened to LePage’s issue regarding domestic violence? Has that gone out the window?

    Should this attorney get off “scott free” but no one else can? Should this “fake” judge protect him?

    What kind of men are these anyways?

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  7. Hi!

    Former governor of Virginia gets ONLY 2 years for his corruption.

    Is this justice?

    He could have had 10 years.

    Is there any justice left in these United States?


    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  8. Hi!

    Avoiding prison?

    Anyone outraged yet?


    Not at all.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  9. This is great coming out at this point in time further exposing this criminal organization (so-called courts) for what it is A CRIMINAL ORGANISATION all make believe judges all attorneys (foreign agents) should be brought up before a jury of we the people and brought to account for their misdeeds and be given the opportunity to atone for their criminal behavior with proper pay back proper jail time an opportunity to renounce their oath(s) to foreign agents and expulsion from our country if needed after all they are the ones that gave up their citizenship for the chance to fleece we the people, the so-called judge in this matter shows just how arrogant these criminal foreign agents have gotten.

  10. All these courts are set-up and operating in/on public property and as we all know the operators (so-called judges all BAR members) of these courts are foreign agents thru oath to foreign crown, therefore it is the duty, thru oath, of the County Commissioners to remove these private for profit foreign agents from operating on public property.

    So contact your county commissioners and inform them of their duty, I did but have had no response as yet, I will not give up.

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