The Purpose And Selection Of The Grand Jury

l. Of the organization of the grand jury

2. The extent of the grand jury’s jurisdiction

3. The mode of doing business

4. Of the evidence to be received

5. Of presentments

6. Of the secrecy to be observed by the grand jury

Bouvier’s 2nd Edition (1843), Grand Jury, click here.

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  1. Hi!

    This is wonderful to organize it in such a way that the people can actually see it all together and study it.

    Thank you so much for doing this.

    Lise from Maine

  2. Hi!

    In the 1843 Bouvier’s Law Dictionary as above-mentioned it states that the Attorney General will “supply” evidence gathered by him to the Grand Jury.

    Notice what it doesn’t say (rule in and rule out methodology). It doesn’t say that the Attorney General will “appear” in person in front of the Grand Jury in an “attempt” to INFLUENCE them.

    This is vital to comprehend.

    Supplying and influencing are two very different things.

    Once again, thanks for organizing the 6 pointers of the Grand Jury.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  3. Hi!

    As many of you know that my undergraduate degree is in psychology, and in one of my psychology classes I studied the Milgram (Stanley Milgram) study on “obedience” with Dr. Fast.

    The students analyzed the components of this study, and it is quite revealing to say the least.

    It was astounding to learn these components.

    This study was about measuring the “willingness” of participants to “obey” or “not obey” the instructions of the “authority figure” in participating in certain acts that conflicted with their conscience.

    Guess what?

    Most participants obeyed.

    So why am I sharing this?

    In the 1843 Bouvier’s Law Dictionary pertaining to the 6 pointers of the Grand Jury, it doesn’t say that the Attorney General was to be “present” in the Grand Jury room and “supply” evidence.

    Why is that?

    Do you suppose that “being present” was “influential in itself” as to which direction the Grand Jurors would take because of the “authority figure” called Attorney General who is knowledgeable (supposedly) and provides evidence that he gathered?

    You bet!

    He has a nice title and has power so, therefore, he is “presumed” to be “above” the ordinary people.

    Not so!

    The members of the Grand Jury can “reject” everything or some things that he “supplied” to them.

    That is the “people’s power” to do so.

    The members need to understand “their” power – the people’s power and not “give away” their “sole” power.

    In the Constitution of the State of Maine (original) it states that the people have “all” (not some) the power (Article 1, Section 2) so NO Attorney General or any other prosecutor is allowed in the Grand Jury room because the Grand Jury is about the “people’s power.”

    All of it.

    The Founding Fathers of Maine understood this fully, and we, the people, need to understand this, too.

    Now do you understand why the educational process is to “dumb down” the people?

    They won’t understand their power, and this is the case today in many instances where the said governments have most, if not all, the power.

    Slaves are NOT powerful, and they obey or they will be reprimanded or killed.

    Study the slave system that permeated the South at one time. It is quite revealing!

    The State of Maine and nor the general government (see constitutions)has any lawful business being involved in education of the young. That is the parents’ job.

    Governments take on power when the people are ignorant and dumbed down.

    Get educated, folks.

    Remember that power (enough of it) can be corruptive for some authority figures.

    Just his “presence” is enough to sway some of the jurors, and Stanley Milgram conducted the study to see what the people would do when “instructed” to do something conflicting to their conscience. He was really studying why the people would listen and obey Hitler.

    This is why NO prosecutors are allowed in the Grand Jury room ever, and I have found nothing that allows this.

    The Constitution does not allow it lawfully. Nowadays, the prosecutors have “hijacked” the Grand Jury.

    Folks, understand the “people’s power.”

    Once understood “fully,” then the people can comprehend what this actually means.

    We need to take back our power, and this is why I have chosen to educate the people as much as possible.

    All for now.

    I welcome comments.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  4. Dottie,

    Can you find the “film” on the internet regarding the Milgram study on obedience (1963) and post it here on your blog?

    The people really need to view this film and what it actually reveals as it relates to power and influence.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  5. Lise,
    Someone wrote this to me “Florida has the 30 Florida Grand Jury Handbook which is worthless–I know because I sat on a Grand Jury for 6 months.” You might want to mention something about Maine Jurors Handbook. A copy of this link:

  6. Hi!

    The Maine Jurors Handbook is full of fraud as I expose in my book called “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?” by Lise Dupont.

    Full of fraud.

    We will continue to speak about the Grand Jury on your next show in January 2015.

    It is vital that the people understand this.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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