The Future of Maine…We The People Of Maine

We The People of Maine, The Future of Maine Part 1, click here.

We The People of Maine, The Future of Maine Part 2, click here.


Co-Directors: Wayne Leach, Jack McCarthy & Phil Merletti


“To All:

At one time or another, we have all known that something is wrong with our federal and state governments. We all hope that the election process is the answer to the dilemma. Year after year, we make our trek to the polls to elect those whom we hope will make changes necessary to ensure and protect our rights as mandated in the U.S. & Maine Constitutions. We all know that the election process always results in a drastic let down, and again look forward to the next election hoping that someday things will change. Do I have to reiterate the definition of insanity?

Our founding fathers knew that the election process only produced a procedure for establishing good government and that only the republican form placed public servants into positions to guarantee and protect our GOD given, natural, & unalienable rights. As good citizens of Maine, if we the people had taken the time to read and study our Constitutions, we would know where and when our Congressional & State Legislators, our chief Executives, our Courts, and our law enforcement officers have let us down. When public servants defy our rights, the U. S. & Maine Constitutions are written so as to provide us with the means to intervene lawfully and constitutionally as “WE THE PEOPLE” to reform and/or punish the offenders.

What we are proposing to do, is to support, defend and advertise these Constitutions through a lawfully established corporation that will organize, educate, monitor, evaluate, report, and use constitutional processes to ensure that these government legislative, executive, judicial, and law enforcement officers, honor and abide by their Oaths to support the Constitutions, and to create, follow, and enforce only those Supreme Laws of the Constitutions!

Soon, the Governor and the 127th Maine Legislature will go into session. The other elected and appointed public servants will also take their oaths and then assume their posts and do as instructed by their leaders. If we know some are doing wrong, and do nothing about their neglect of, and violations against, their Oaths and our Constitutions, we will be complicit, and as irresponsible as the violators are.

No matter who we are, when we return home from our daily chores and occupations, no matter what they are, we are all on the same plane; we are all Maine People! Please read our request, and consider joining our monumental movement. To facilitate this recruitment process, please respond to the information located at the base of the request. This will be your only chance to become involved and stop the unconstitutional processes occurring in Maine, restoring our State to what was intended.

Whether you can participate, or if you are incapable, please forward this material to everyone on your mailing list. Thank you!


Recruitment Program

We the People of Maine, Inc. (WTP) is now a formal Maine non-profit corporation. We, the incorporators, did not do this for our benefit, but for the defense, benefit and welfare of all the Maine People through a continual vigilance of government at all levels by our network of trained monitors. Like most corporations, we have a structure similar to the standard for-profit corporations, consisting of the required officers – treasurer, secretary, as well as a research team, writers, monitors, a webmaster, lawyer, media consultants, event coordinators and recruiters. The Corporation will be supported by dues paying membership and donations from the People of Maine according to their ability to do so. It will have state, county & municipal coordinators and a working supportive team membership. Monies received from the membership will not be spent on salaries or wages, but on expenses, such as travel, lodging, food, office supplies, advertisement, etc. Other than those who are mentioned above, the working membership will be made-up of at least 2 representatives from each of the 16 counties and at least 2 members from each city, town and plantation. We will require a team of trained and experienced monitors to examine legislative bills, municipal ordinances and warrants, attend hearings in the various Committees, and lobbyist activities. We will need knowledgeable people to analyze legislative bills for their constitutionality, and others who are able to write bills, and are willing to work as liaisons to the legislature.

We will need approximately 600 people to effectively establish our working model. Government, at all levels, is out of control and the root of this problem is because the Maine Constitution was skillfully destroyed or weakened by deceptive and repugnant resolves that led to amendments that misinformed and deceived the people of Maine. This same process was used to amend and create public law. This is where you, the people of Maine, enter the picture. Many of us have tried to do this individually, and by combining our efforts with another group or organization. Either way, we have been thwarted and beaten back by the concerted efforts of the Governor, the Legislature, the bureaucrats and their government agencies, and sadly enough, even by the political parties and their leadership.

We have pondered various methods of using the Constitutions of the United States & Maine to open doors and break through barriers never before done in the past, but we were forced to return to the starting line every time. We have now found what we believe to be the battering ram, a structure that will bring the Maine People back to the forefront as our founding fathers intended. But, it is going to take an effort from the people of Maine. We believe we need to place all independent, patriotic people, their groups and associations under one umbrella corporation, identified by its true name and identification, “We the People of Maine”. By reading this far, you now know that we’ve incorporated and it is our intent to bring every constitutionally minded individual, group, organization and association together as a synergistic force to return Maine to its Constitution, and our government back to work for the defense, benefit and welfare of the people of Maine.

Please do not let this effort slip through your fingers. Yes, this may take your time, energy and money, but I look at this as the beginning of an effort that should be easy if we all come together and move forward as a unified force. The power of the People is guaranteed by our founding documents, the Declaration and the Constitutions. Please contact us at the web site or Email addresses below.”

We The People of Maine, 70 East Palmer Road, Winslow, Maine 04901 or

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  1. for people who prefer to listen

  2. part 2 for those who prefer to listen

  3. Did the establishment of your Corp. have to be approved by the current unconstitutional Sec. of STATE?

  4. I read the “MAINE NONPROFIT CORPORATION ACT” and if you are going to align yourselves with the STATE through this STATE controlled CORPORATION maybe you should call it “WE THE PERSONS OF MAINE”

  5. Whereas, the many attempts that have tried to overcome the present “corporate” government to no avail, we have organized and incorporated in an attempt to use their own rules, regulations, and system in opposition to their continual attacks on the rule of the “Supreme Laws” (1791) & (1820), as lawfully amended. We are still playing in their ballpark, so we will, with sufficient support from knowledgeable people, play their game, and, by utilizing the flaws & loopholes, defeat them at it. This is the goal, and I think a worthy one. So, join & support our plan in any way you can, or continue with the other futile attempts, although I applaud the efforts, and the valiant ones who are attempting them.

  6. Wayne; I wish you good luck in your efforts, although in see them as fruitless it appears to me like if a bunch of Germans joined the US Army to win the war for Germany.
    In reading the “MAINE NONPROFIT CORPORATION ACT” it appears to me the STATE control of your Corp. and all members comes close to 100o/o, just as the STATE has through this ACT controlled and is controlling 99.9o/o of all so-called Christian churches.
    If you and or your members start to make headway as to controlling the operation of the in control STATE you will be behind bars just like Bill Windsor being jailed for being a thorn in the side of the ALL POWERFUL STATE.
    All this being said I still wish you the best of luck and I know you have/are working hard on this.

    • The more help, the more effective it will become, and I see no significant changes from other groups’ attempts to rid themselves of the “corporate” government, state, courts,etc.

  7. I agree! have any of them accomplished anything?
    I have been involved with trying to limit govt. control over me and mine as far back as I can remember for the most part I felt alone, I think more people see the light now you being one if you think your going to get 600 people to involve themselves I think your dreaming also I think getting rid of the de-facto court system should be the first order of business, that is where they send all us commoners to keep us under control, we need to kick the private BAR owned tribunal out and off public property and expose the BAR members (foreign agents) for what they are.
    If we can get rid of them the STATE has little to threaten us with except armed aggression they don’t want that it would wake to many of the commoners up.
    I think it would take less than 600 people badgering the county commissioners to kick the bastards out and send them back to the crown where they swore allegiance.

  8. Wayne: You seem to have left the field of discussion (battle) I’m small potatoes when you come up against the non producing STATE parasite with nothing to do but control how much of what we produce belongs to them and can spend all we have to prove it with the back up of as many BAR members that they want to hire and charge to us as they want, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

  9. ‘ll try one more time! is there life out there? rendering the de-facto court system out of existence is of utmost importance lets face it if the STATES only option was to drag us commoners into a common law court where we could face our accuser and access the damages claimed by said accuser the STATE would be out of business, as we all know the STATE brings nearly all the actions against us commoners and pretends to be the PLAINTIF usually represented by the DA (total fraud) when neil asked the DA and make believe judge to see the PLAINTIF he got 24 hrs. for contempt, what a difference a common law court would make.
    ALL ABOARD?? lets sink the ship of STATE.

  10. Synergy is crucial in whatever motion (or at whatever target) the movement is directed towards. Yes, the judiciary is a huge problem, but it is far from the only problem – and unification of the ‘commoners’ is mandatory when expecting any progress. That is why We the People of Maine, Inc. is seeking to knit together all the individuals, small groups, large groups, under one organized and structured unit.

  11. Lets see, the STATE OF MAINE INC. is a for profit Corp. listed with Dunn and Bradstreet, it’s only means to make a profit is off we the people how many depend on this theft is not known but the number is staggering and for the most part make more than us commoners they are stealing from, the town or city you live in is also a for profit Corp. (a sub-division of the STATE Corp.) listed with Dunn and Bradstreet and only have us commoners to steal from to turn their profit (theft) and the numbers there are staggering also, you come along and ask permission from these for profit Corps. to set-up a non-profit Corp. with mission to put these Corp(s). (out of the fleecing business) that you had to get permission from in order for your non-profit to exist at the same time the Sec. of STATE along with Attorney General (AG) of the STATE are more in charge of your non-profit Corp. than you are, am I missing something? these two offices are set-up to control us commoners and keep us in line so they along with rest of the tax feeders can draw fat checks and unbelievable retirement accounts at our expense and you think they along with an army of these tax feeders are about to let that happen? that is a bigger dream then the 600 hundred you think/hope you are going to help you.
    The de-facto court system is as you say a huge problem and I agree not the only problem but I believe one we the people can solve as it is easily provable as all BAR members are foreign agents and we do not need permission from the STATE to start this in motion, nearly all us commoners have a criminal record if not a court record from my experience are sick and tired of these records for non-crimes and if given a little guidance will do something about it and chase these foreign agents out pointing this out to all County Comms. and instructing them to do something about it or be in violation of their oath of office (eliminating said office).
    The so-called Governor the Sec. of STATE the AG or any other so-called high ranking officials will not want to take us commoners into a Common Law Court setting for these non-crimes we are being charged with how are they going to produce a damaged party?
    If we the people (commoners) can get back to the Common Law Court system the rest of the problems presented by the de-facto Corporations will pretty much take care of themselves, maybe the STATE could set up their Corp(s). so the people could join them or not as opposed to what happens now where we the people are drafted if we want in or not by unconscionable contract.
    I am sick of these thieves up to my eye brows they thinking they have the authority to tell us commoners how much of what we produce belongs to them I never understood where those Govt. thieves figured that authority came from and to think all these dumb SOB come out of our own ranks and you people who haven’t figured it out yet are probably still voting, I’m not sure but I think you have to be a registered voter to form a Corp.

  12. Maybe I should have kept it short and sweet, so here it is the STATE is nothing but a bunch of thieves to lazy to work and to stupid to produce
    so don’t get involved with them if you do you loose.

  13. I will be as “short & sweet” as possible: We the People of Maine was incorporated as a non-profit corporation, so your comments are out of line; we are NOT “thieves” “out to steal”, make a profit, or otherwise attack the hard working producers, or to derogate our integrity, morals, or ethics in any way! Thanks for commenting and have a Happy New Year!

  14. Wayne: I thought when you first disclosed your setting up a non-profit Corp. to stop or at least slow down the STATE theft of the production of the people, the Corp. being a joinder to the STATE was/is a mistake in my opinion and I expressed that in these writings, never once did I accuse you or any of the other parties to this corp. of being “thieves” but your misunderstanding of my “short and sweet” message certainly would indicate why you might have little or no understanding of Non- Profit Corp. Act.
    Maybe you should read the “short and sweet” message again or get someone to read it to you maybe your new Corp. lawyer.

  15. with all the defacto laws and such what it comes down to is” I will not consent ” and invoke your rights under the United States Constitution , Maine Constitution [ originals] Bills of Rights and the u.c. c. article 1 subsection 308 about compliance and performance .then invoke your 5th amenment right when you get into court . when the judge ask you anything just say” i do not understand ” Which means that” you do not stand under his authority .” And thats it .

  16. anything other than that and you just consented to their rules . Look it up .

  17. Interesting web site; but something important is missing…
    Where is the DONATE button??

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