Is Misconduct Permitted Or Promoted In The Scarborough Police Department?

December 20, 2014
By Editor:

“Under the general heading of YOU CAN MAKE THIS UP. Last July 21st FTM ran an article about Officer Josh Guay compromising a drug case by sleeping with the Confidential Informant (that initiated the case), leaving his wife, getting the C.I. pregnant, marrying the C.I., and having a baby, all this while on the clock getting paid by the taxpayers of Scarborough. You can see the photo of the Guay family below, along with the July 21st article reloaded for this update.

Scarborough Town Council 12.17.14, click here.

On the same 21st of July someone in a police department accessed the inter-agency database of the State Police and printed a report from the Biddeford P.D. of an unfounded allegation against a man. The punk that did this, held onto the report for almost seven months, and mailed it to the man’s wife at her place of employment. The return address on the envelope was that of the FTM reporter. The couple called FTM and wanted to know why we would do such a thing.

In a few hours we were able to establish that FTM did not have access to the database for police only, that in most police departments officers can read the screen but only Sgt. ranks and higher have the authority to print the screen, and the format of the printed return address was dissimilar to that used by our reporter.

Officer Guay’s reward for the botched drug case was a promotion to “acting sgt.”. Now we know the report could have been printed out in Bangor or Auburn police depts. But, why would they do that and risk their jobs and pensions to commit mail fraud (the fraudulent use of the FTM reporter’s return address) and a charge or terrorizing an employee of Scarborough seven months after the report was printed? You can read the email from the Postal Inspectors Office below.”

Read more HERE.


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