New York Attorney General Schneiderman: Restoring Confidence In The Criminal Justice System

Joined by a broad coalition of elected officials, Attorney General Schneiderman outlined an immediate first step toward restoring public trust and confidence in the fairness of reviews of cases involving unarmed civilians killed by law enforcement officers.

View HERE.

A copy of the letter can read HERE.

The states of Maine and New Hampshire could learn from New York and restore trust and confidence in the criminal justice system in their states.

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  1. Great , but I wish the AG would investigate our courts, guardianship laws and the abusive powers by APS/CPS who are drunk on their power. Starting with Chemung County Attorney Donald Thomson who makes all the decisions for the isolation of Gary Harvey along with county doctor Francisco Corbalan. To date the county doctor who I have not spoken to or seen in about 5 years wrote a letter to my husband’s appointed guardian Chemung County Commissioner DSS stating either my visits end or he would resign. The county guardian sided with the county doctor, no conflict here so far, violating their own laws and statutes, that letter included false and conclusory statements against me, but also included insight into his motives. Bottom line in the medical profession the county doctor is worried about himself and the hospital instead of his patient Gary Harvey.
    According to the county guardian she claims they faxed over 60 facilities and not other doctor- NOT ONE would take my husband. The county et’al not only removed me (which in affect unlawfully divorced us), but removed my husband’s only advocate and in doing so, violated, and continues to violate his patients rights under the Americans Disability Act and the county guardian is going along with it.
    It took the DSS about 5 months after the letter was written to petition the court to end my visits. Why did it take her so long? Was there a motive? Certainly was in my opinion. $$$$$$$ follow that and you will get answers.
    I have been to the open meetings which in my opinion is a kangaroo court. Not many read those contracts being submitted, in addition that some do not even understand them, or question them.

  2. Hi!

    This letter is full of “horse manure.”

    The attorney general of New York, which is part of the executive department, EXCEPT ours (Maine) was “stolen” from this department by the legislature by that fraudulent 1855 resolve, states in that letter “….would vest power to my office to investigate and prosecute any crime allegedly committed…”

    This is crap.

    Bring back the Grand Jury under the control of the people and NOT the attorney general nor the prosecutors.

    This guy wants power and control and more of it.

    Horse manure!

    How many attorney generals do you “know of” that are honest?

    Very few, if any.

    It is the Grand Juries’ job under the control of the people to investigate if there is “probable cause” to have the cause go to a trial by jury. In Maine it is a trial by jury “of his peers” – see Article 1, Section 6.

    In Maine in Article 1, Section 7 the legislature must establish a law to select impartial juries (plural, which means grand juries, too), and this must be done lawfully at the local control BY THE PEOPLE.

    Get real, people!

    Read and study your own constitutions and start educating yourselves.

    What use is the Grand Jury if the attorney general has all this power and control, and ONLY one person gets to decide probable cause?

    This is “another” theft of the Grand Jury power.

    It is “horse manure!”

    Suggestion: Read and study my book called “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go? by Lise Dupont.

    It is available at all bookstores but is cheaper at and

    It MUST be ordered as it is NOT on their book shelves.

    Why is that?

    Too much truth revealed?

    Perhaps, but it does reveal too much fraud and treason here in Maine.

    Keep in mind, it is the Grand Jury who was given the power under the constitutions (people’s power) to investigate “probable cause” and NO ONE else.

    Educate yourselves otherwise you will be FOOLED by this letter.

    This letter is another grab of power.

    It is outrageous!

    P.S. The attorney general here in Maine has “grabbed” the power to investigate whenever a police has shot someone and decide if the police were justified in shooting the person. This “bypasses” the Grand Jury of deciding “probable cause” by ONLY one person deciding.

    Once again, this is “horse manure!”

    Thank you!

    I welcome your comments EVEN IF you disagree with me. It is very, very important to keep this conversation going as the people NEED to be educated, and they won’t get it in the “dumbed down” schools.

    Lise from Maine

  3. What I understand of Attorney General Schneiderman’s statements is that New York’s legislature is too slow at fixing what needs fixing….just like Maine’s legislature. This is an emergency and the grand jury needs fixing now. It appears that the A.G. is looking for a “temporary” fix until the legislature decides to act on restoring justice. At least he’s speaking out!

  4. Hi!

    I am now listening to the New York attorney general (not finished yet, just into minutes of his speech and already he is talking about an “emergency” situation) and he said when talking about the failure of the Grand Jury find “probable cause” (he doesn’t say anything about probable cause so far. Why?) of the shooting of Mr. Gartner.

    He said about the widow’s comments: “……must be addressed and must be addressed NOW (emphasis is mine).

    What is he speaking about?

    He is saying that it is an “emergency” to fix the Grand Jury debacle.

    Because the people are “up in arms” (an inflamed people) about this issue, he uses the “emergency” situation to attempt to “fix” something gone wrong.

    And guess what?

    He and he alone wants “the” power to fix it.

    What is this about?

    He then becomes the “hero.”

    But becoming the “hero,” he has NOW grabbed power that NEVER belonged to the attorney general office.

    It belongs to the people.

    NO ONE can take the “people’s power” away from them.

    NEVER, EVER open the door an inch or a half an inch or so and allow any government officer or agency to grab any “small amount” of power whatsoever.

    Once it is gone, it will NEVER be given back.

    He is “using” this emergency situation to grab power.

    Solution: Bring back the Grand Jury under the control of the people.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  5. Hi!

    Speaking out now is NOT the time to speak out.

    Understand what is “underneath” this.

    He is using an emergency situation to his advantage.

    Why now?

    Because some of the people are “up in arms” and is a “ripe” time
    to grab power under the guise of wanting to “fix the system” and pretend that he is on the side of the people.

    He unlawfully wants to “grab” power away from the Grand Jury.

    Solution: Fix the Grand Jury system.

    The legislature could pass a law prohibiting prosecutors to be involved in the Grand Jury process and allow the Grand Jury to operate as it should lawfully.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • “…allow the Grand Jury to operate as it should lawfully”….sounds like this is what the AG is looking for.

  6. Hi!

    The Grand Jury needs to educated of “their power” to investigate without prosecutors present.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  7. Hi!

    This guy, the New York attorney general, is NO fool.

    He “knows” when to step out and “use” a tragedy to HIS advantage.

    He says all the “nice” words in order to “grab” more power for himself and his constitutional office.

    Some of the people are “inflamed” and what a better time to come out and “pretend” to be on the side of the people!

    He is NOW coming out during this tragedy and wants to “appear” to be the people’s hero.

    Oh, how many of the people will be fooled!

    I bet plenty will be fooled, and the educated ones will not.

    Such “lovely” words he uses.

    How nice!

    Can most of the people understand what is “underneath” all of this?

    I think not!

    They will be fooled, and that says that the “dumbing down” school system is actually working.

    Pay attention to the 2008 election.

    Mr. Obama was playing out the “savior” mentality especially after the economic meltdown in this country, and look what has happened in his administration.

    Nothing but fraud and treason against the people.

    The attorney general of New York is also playing out the “savior” mentality RIGHT NOW, the hero, using a tragedy to “grab” power away from the people as a whole especially during a time when some of the people are “inflamed.”

    What better timing!

    He gets it.

    Will he be able to grab more power away from the people?

    Yes, if the people of New York are fooled into accepting his grab of power.

    And guess what?

    More states will follow suit, I believe, if he does.

    Wake up, people NOW!

    This is a “grab of power” plain and simple.

    Solution: Study your own state constitution. Understand that it is the Grand Jury by the people “who decides” probable cause or not.

    The attorney general has NOTHING to do with it. If so, then he becomes a “dictator” since he “alone” gets to decide.

    The Founding Fathers were not stupid enough to allow “one” person to decide probable cause or not.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  8. Hi!

    Police misconduct?

    Is it not murder?

    Let the Grand Jury under the control of the people decide if there is probable cause as a murder case.

    It is the Grand Jury that needs fixing which is the “primary” issue and not attempt a “secondary” issue such as “temporary” power to the attorney general to investigate and prosecute the case.

    This “bypasses” the Grand Jury system.

    It is the “primary” issue that needs to be addressed and NOT a secondary issue.

    “Not an indictment of the Grand Jury.”

    This is crazy.

    The Grand Jury under the control of a prosecutor is operating unlawfully.

    The members of the Grand Jury need to understand their power to investigate without the power and influence of any prosecutor.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  9. Isn’t this talking head a foreign agent with sworn oath to the crown not allowed by the original 13 amendment I.E a member of the BAR?

  10. Hi!

    The AG of New York is using the “crisis” aka as an “emergency” to EXPAND his own powers.

    He knows this is the “right” time to come out and voice his opinion and have all his supporters present as shown on the video.

    He is NO fool.

    Timing is everything.

    He doesn’t give a hoot about the grand jury. He wants the power for himself, and it “bypasses” the grand jury system.

    All fraud and treason against the people of New York.

    Read the PDF from the CATO Institute about the Grand Jury which makes reference to the attorney general and the expansion of power. Check the search engines for this.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  11. Hi!

    Reference to the Grand Jury is mentioned in Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution of the State of Maine.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  12. Hi!

    Some people are too “blinded” and too “conditioned” to really comprehend what is underneath the speech of the AG of New York.

    He wants power.

    Plain and simple.

    He can’t (using the crisis for his own gain) and won’t wait for the legislature to do something about it.

    He wants power NOW.

    Get it, folks?

    He wants it all NOW.

    He wants to be the “savior” and the “hero” who can and will fix the problem but he really can’t as he will “steal” the power away from the people via the Grand Jury.

    If he accomplishes this, then he is a thief, a robber, using “nice” words to fool the people.

    Is it working for him?

    I think so.

    Wake up, folks!

    Other states may follow suit.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  13. I am with Lise from Maine. Give them an inch and they take a mile. Call it temporary and it will become more than that. I think he is working to take more than just waiting for Legislature to do something. They are drunk on power.

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