Common Core…. The “Model Curriculum” For ‘National System Of Surveillance And Monitoring’ Sparks Revolt

WND reports “Privacy advocates are calling for a moratorium on the Pennsylvania school system’s sweeping data-collection program, which they say is part of the federal government’s goal of being able to track the development of every child “womb to workforce.”

All 50 states have been mandated by the U.S. Department of Education to establish inter-connected “longitudinal databases” accumulating information on every student from pre-kindergarten through college.

Two groups, Parents Against Common Core and Pennsylvanians Restoring Education, are asking Gov. Tom Corbett to place a moratorium on data collection in the Pennsylvania Information Management System or PIMS. The system gathers information on students in all 500 school districts across the state and some schools have started collecting behavioral data that goes beyond testing for academic knowledge, according to the two organizations.

The two groups are also asking the state attorney general’s office to launch an investigation into possible violations of student privacy laws.

Each student assigned a ‘unique’ number

Activists in Pennsylvania led by Anita Hoge have gathered documents that show the state is allowing contracts with third-party vendors who have access to confidential student records without the informed written consent of parents. Hundreds of data points are connected to each individual student through a “unique number” assigned to the student in direct violation of state law, said Hoge, a member of Pennsylvanians Restoring Education and an expert on the student assessment industry.

The information gathered can be used to create a psychological profile on each student, said Hoge.

“We are well documented and we have parents who are ready to come forward and demand access to all of the data that has been collected on their children,” Hoge told WND.

She said each teacher under this system is also assigned a unique identification number to ensure that they are inputting the required data on their students.

“Innovation Lab Network piloted the program and they said the teachers were the key to the whole thing,” Hoge said.

Tim Eller, press secretary and director of communications for the Pennsylvania Department of Education, told WND in an email that the department “does not collect anything outside of what is required by law.”

Hoge disagrees.

A model for the nation

Hoge, a longtime education activist, said her investigation concluded that Pennsylvania’s system is a model for the nation. The goal is to develop a dossier on each U.S. citizen feeding into a national database, she said. The local school is the head of the beast, the place where data collection begins on each child.

Common Core as the vehicle

The Common Core national standards are the “vehicle” used to standardize the data collection as the autonomy of the local school district is stripped away and teachers in the classroom are reduced to virtual automatons, Hoge said.

“The individual mandate, similar to the Obamacare individual mandate for health care, requires students to conform to this national agenda,” she said. “There is no privacy.”

An organized, ‘national system of surveillance and monitoring’

The contracts uncovered in Pennsylvania refer to Common Core as the “model curriculum.”

The group ended its statement with a chilling conclusion.

“America used to educate its children and let them create their own world. Now, we are creating their world and forcing them to live in it.””

Read entire article HERE.

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  1. Are we now in Communism? Looks like we went thru Socialism very very FAST!

  2. ARE YOU AWARE??? Just published on The Street: MOST SOCIALIST U.S. STATES: #1 WEST VIRGINIA, #2 ALASKA, #3 WYOMING, #4 MISSISSIPPI, #5 ARKANSAS, #6 VERMONT, #7 NEW MEXICO, #8 HAWAII, #9 RHODE ISLAND, #10 WISCONSIN. Its all about the economy!!! Can your state sustain itself? Forget Federal Funding. Fed will have NO MONEY!

    How strong, economically, is MAINE??????

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