Talkshoe Radio With Guest David Dodge, Researcher – The “Missing” Original 13th Amendment

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
9:00 PM EDT

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Evidence of historical scandal found at Belfast (Maine) library.

In 1983, researchers David Dodge and Tom Dunn, while investigating governmental issues, came across a copy of the Constitution of the United States published in 1825. They were astounded to find the original 13th Amendment.

Join us with our special guest, David Dodge.

11/12/2014 08:30 PM EST-EPISODE 42, listen here.


The Constitution of the United States, click here.

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  1. Whatever happened to Tom Dunn? I had met him once with Roger M. Rush of Portland, Maine, back in the 1980s when Roger was running for Cumberland County Sheriff. In addition to this original 13th Amendment barring attorneys from public office Tom was investigating that public money for private bridges stuff. Like here in N.H with the Forest Fire Prevention Bridge over the in Lincoln, of then Sherman Adams built his Loon Mountain Ski Area too on THAT other side of the river as a “wind break”. From what I’ve read on this 13th of the printing was premature of “they” THOUGHT that “they” had ALL the states but when the math was checked a state was missing, of thus “we” need only one more state to agree of now the time to file an LSR for a House Bill for 2015 next year for the people’s representatives in THAT state or states in the plural, of if/when one decides of to permanently keep the attorneys OUT of gov’t, then that will be the national law of the land, or at least keep them in their own branch for a check-and-balance, as I think most states, like N.H. have done-away with lay judges of requiring them all to be members of the Bar. Thus no attorney ought to be especially NOT of a U.S. Rep. where they start these bills of impeachment, since to be so without discarding their Bar Membership be prejudicial toward their brother or sister of the Bar. Like Kuster here in N.H. in that she is an attorney in Congress. Guess how many judges like George Z. Singal, she will impeach, re: the judge who was too lazy to travel to N.,H. as assigned by Judge Stephen McAuliffe to attend to the Ed Brown case [ ] but who held preliminary hearings in Portland, Maine, as such are a PART of the trial and so against the Sixth (6th) Amendment in that ALL trials (not just some), thus one hundred (100o%), must as the mandatory requirement they supposedly do “make and subscribe” their oath to obey, are to be held in the state AND federal district of where the offense occurred. Of my ‘Point of Order” in that co-conspirator case shot down by the R.I. judge who wrote without a hearing that I had made it AFTER the trial, but that he lied, in that yes – it was after the attorneys had their say, of that I tried to make my point before the verdict, like before the fat lady sang, but was pushed out of the courtroom by two Deputy U.S. Marshalls who had sat to both sides of me KNOW-ing that of ANY dis-turbance by me standing up with my hat on to say this that I did, would result in my immediate expulsion! even though my Free Speech rights be down to this “nadir” amount of a POINT of order. When you look up The Title of Nobility Amendment aka TONA at either GOODLE or BING you will find this detailed information for what states to concentrate on. – – Joe P.S. Back in the mid 1980s we had a Constitutional Convention here in N.H. and Delegate Alfred Johnson (Charlie’s brother) of Claremont and a member of: C.A.I.R.E. (a N.H. Trade Name) sued on this of against the fact that the attorneys were there with-IN such, but that the Federal judge threw it out, of saying that if the people are too stupid as to not have such a check and balance then that is their option of to blend the attorneys “in” rather than to seek their advise as “out”side consultants. Or in a way of saying that instead of paying them $100 + per hour, they decide on that Article 15 just “compensation” of only $100 per year of thinking that they are getting a great bargain for that price. Of them taking their $200 retainer up front for their 2-year term as a State Rep. or Senator too and so it never a debt due as owed for services performed (past tense) and so it never gets to that of by Article I, Section 10 for the state to have to pay them in gold AND silver coin, as Roger Sherman put into the U.S. Constitution.

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