Andy Ostrowski, Pennsylvania Congressional Candidate, Slams American Bar Association

Andy Ostrowski, Pennsylvania Congressional Candidate District 11, exposes the root causes that have led to the corrupt American Judicial System that has turned the courts against the American people and why fairness and justice no longer exists in the courts.

View HERE.


Talkshoe Radio Series With Guest Lise DuPont, Researcher and Author of “Where Did The Original Constitutional State Go?” Click here.

1891 Act Incorporating Maine State Bar Association, click here.

Maine State Bar Association – 100 Years of Law & Justice (1891-1991), click here.

Election 2014: Keep It Simple, It’s The Constitution, click here.

Election 2014: Do You Know The Candidates? Listen to archives programs HERE.

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  1. Hi!


    This guy is saying the same thing that I revealed in my book.

    Finally, a lawyer is telling the truth.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  2. Hi!

    My book is available in all bookstores, and it reveals a great deal about the corruption right here regarding the “statutory” State of Maine.

    It reveals:

    1. No “original” State of Maine.
    2. No county courts, within and for the county (local control).
    3. No commissioned judges.
    4. No trial by jury of his peers; have only trial by jury of the government.

    This book is an eye opener. It will blow your mind.

    Your chances of winning is nil in these “fake” courts with non-commissioned judges, who are ONLY “administrators,” and no trial by jury of your peers.

    The “administrators” enforce the “will” of the statutory state, and it is all about the “will” of the state.

    Listen to lawyer Ostrowski, the Pennsylvania Congressional candidate (click link at the top of this page), tell the truth about the corrupt courts.

    This is truly amazing that he admitted this. He has seen the “writing”
    on the wall for a very long time as well as I did.

    There is NO justice in this country.

    When the courts disappeared, we, the people, lost our remedy (our positioning), and it was all done on purpose.

    Get informed by getting educated. The government enjoys keeping us “dumbed down” so that way we cannot challenge/question anything.

    Government officials know very well that “knowledge is power,” but they want it all for themselves. That way they can control us.

    Say no to being dumbed down.

    Start educating yourself. Read books.

    For the most part, I read 2 to 3 books a week, and I learn a great deal.

    Happy reading!

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  3. Hi!

    Here are some books that I recently bought a few days ago.

    1. More Guns Less Crime by John R. Lott, Jr.

    2. Dumbing Down The Courts by: How Politics Keeps the Smartest Judges Off The Bench by John R. Lott, Jr.

    These are very informative books.

    The first one will show you just what “gun control” will accomplish, and it won’t be in your favor.

    Guns don’t “pick up” themselves and shoot at anything or anyone, and criminals don’t follow the laws. That’s why they are criminals. If you follow “gun control” laws, you could lose your life.

    Say “no” to gun control.

    The title of the second book is rather fascinating and reveals a great deal. I just started reading this one, and the author is saying that the courts have become “the legislature” so to speak.

    Here is a sampling of what the author is saying:

    “Alas, courts have strayed further and further into decisions traditionally made by legislatures, often having the final word. So it should be no surprise that nomination battles have become more contested.

    As federal regulations have expanded and the federal courts have found more reasons to expand their jurisdiction, Americans naturally care more than they used to about the people who will have the power to effect the law so directly.

    The increased interest is reflected in the growing debates in the media over the more difficult confirmation process (page 6).”

    Remember, this is just a sampling of what this book reveals.

    Judges cannot make law; they ONLY offer “opinions.”

    Opinions are NOT law. They are JUST opinions, and we all have them.

    It says so at the end of their document when they decide a cause. It says “opinion.”

    Go look at an “opinion” for yourself and see the word “opinion” at the bottom of it.

    How can an “opinion” become law?

    It cannot as it has NO force and effect of law.

    Also, keep in mind that the judicial department has traditionally been the “weakest” department of the three (3).

    Now, it has become the strongest.

    This is unlawful.

    But what can we expect in a “fake” system?

    They get away with it because the “government schools” have done a great job in “dumbing down” the population.

    Wake up, folks!

    Start educating yourself. Read good books.

    What do college students do? They bury their noses in books for at least four (4) years and some do so for many more years.

    Say “no” to the dumbing down process. We are not dumb; we can learn new concepts.

    Just take the time and do so.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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