Election 2014: Do You Know The Candidates?

Join us on Talkshoe Radio where we will discuss the candidates, their voting records, the issues, their stand on issues and so much more.

Your participation and input is welcomed and encouraged.

Know your candidates before you vote!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
9:00 PM EDT

Call in Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 27398#

Click here to join in online.

The government “vets” its judges, employees. Are people “vetting” their candidates? This is so important. Have you got knowledge on incumbents’ voting records? Where they stand on issues? Their government job performance prior to their election? Have you got knowledge of newcomers to this upcoming election? We all need each others help in “vetting” these candidates if we want positive change in Augusta. Will you help by joining us and sharing what knowledge you have. This is not about “party”, it’s about “candidates.” We cannot maintain the status quo and expect positive change. People can then come to their own conclusions. Candidates are also welcome.

Archived programs

0/29/2014 08:30 PM EDT-EPISODE 40 (Final in series)

10/22/2014 08:30 PM EDT-EPISODE 39 

10/15/2014 08:00 PM EDT-EPISODE 38

10/08/2014 08:45 PM EDT-EPISODE 37

10/01/2014 08:30 PM EDT-EPISODE 36


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  1. I can’t believe any of you still VOTE (aren’t we supposed to be electors?) I last voted when Ronny Vs. Walter I wrote in what would be a better choice than the one the international control freaks were giving me Ronny Vs. Walter I think not then and now I preferred my write-in choice “DAFFY DUCK” if your talk show consists of who I should vote for I’ll waste my time another way.

    • I hear you. This program is not about whom to vote, or not to vote, for. Why would people want more of the same? Let’s just say…we’ll shine the spotlight!

  2. maybe your program should be aimed at teaching would be voters to not participate in the charade known as voting.

  3. I see your still wasting your time on this stupid voting thing, you should be putting your efforts into doing away with this thing called “THE STATE OF MAINE”, The Representative Democracy STATE OF MAINE CORPORATION is not your/my government it is not legitimate it is a controlled sub-division the UNITED STATES and only the ones selected by that corporation get chosen your voting is and has been a waste of time, someone said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity, guess someone was right.

  4. I have been “trying” to inform through past election to council editorial letters that almost never get published and as much interaction with people on the street as possible, your name on the voter list is all they need that is proof of your approval, the new and informed faces never get there, I inform any and all “REMOVE YOUR NAME FROM THEIR LIST”

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