Former Congressman James Traficant Is Dead


The Hill reports “Former Rep. Jim Traficant (D-Ohio) died on Saturday, days after a tractor accident at his daughter’s farm left him in critical condition.

Traficant served more than 17 years in the U.S. House as a Democrat until July 2002 when he became only the second member of Congress to be expelled since the Civil War.”

Read more HERE and HERE.

James Traficant’s Last Public Speech, click here. (Courtesy of NextNewsNetwork)

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  1. So what do you figure is the answer to all of the Judicial Corruption ? Us going to Court to be used as human whipping posts? To have our Rights and the Law spitefully & Flagrantly violated right in our face?

    I have been forced to conclude that without authority stopping it, it will never stop. Only become more flagrant, frequent and severe.

    Who are the true enablers of this Judicial Corruption? The ones with the Authority to place it in check, the ones with the Duty to do so. The ones who have sworn to uphold the Law & our rights.

    It is the Congressmen and Senators, both State & Federal who are the true enablers. The ones who have provided in advance, the Judiciary and the FBI with the arrogant confidence to flagrantly violate our Rights, the Law, FRCP, their Oath to Office

    The confident ability to retaliate. Steal our homes, property and everything we own right in front of everyone’s faces without fear of any interference or Criminal prosecution.

    Without forcing the Congressmen and Senators to adhere to Official Duty, the Criminal Felony Judicial Organized Crime RICO Corruption will never stop.

    It will only become more & more Flagrant, Frequent and Severe. Exactly like it has week after week, year after year.

    I sent by U.S. Certified mail return Receipt requested, notified and provided verifiable Documents of undeniable proof of Criminal Felony Organized Crime RICO Judicial Corruption, an in House Foreclosure Mill, Felony Grand Theft, illegal Fraudulent Conversion of title to Real Property, to the U.S. Senator Patty Murray, U.S. Senator Cantwell, Congressman Reichert, congressman Heck, Wa. State Senator Becker, Wa. State Governor Jay Inslee, the FBI Seattle Director Frank Montoya Jr., The U.S. Attorney for Seattle Wa. Jenny Durkan, Tesa Gorman .

    Only to have the U.S. Attorney Send down to where I am currently staying two U.S. Marshals who tell me that the U.S. Attorney refuses to act on documented verifiable proof of Organized Crime RICO Felony Judicial Corruption and Felony Grand Theft.

    That I had better not be sending them any more documented verifiable proof of this if I wanted to have a healthy future. That they were not interested in hearing what their employee guideline Handbook printed by the DOJ said in regards to 9-4100 , nor did they have any intention of honoring it and abiding by it.

    Governor Jay Inslee’s Office denied having the authority that is clearly vested within his Office and clearly printed on his web site stating that he does have the authority over all Wa. State Judges.

    When I confronted this liar in Inslee’s Office with these facts, he suddenly had another phone call and hung up the phone on me.

    So I have requested this same denial from Inslee’s Office in writing.

    The U.S. Senators insist they can not be involved in a legal matter. I have proven to them that this is not a legal matter at all. It is a matter of Criminal Felony Judicial Corruption and RICO. That they have Duty to intervene and Stop this. So they just refuse to respond.

    This is not nearly as complex and difficult as they all attempt to paint this picture. It simply amounts to us being robbed, conned and defrauded by them all. Refusing to adhere to Official Duty, uphold the Law and our Rights. End of Story.

    • I agree with what you say. The corruption is out of control. Have you listened to the series on talkshoe with Author Lise DuPont “Where did the original constitutional state go?” She discusses her extensive research, including the courts. Are you familiar with WeThePeople, Inc.? Here on Maine we are trying to get our legislators to listen…we’ve got some who are listening, but we need more of them and more people on board. Until public officials start listening the only remedy I see, at this time, is EXPOSURE! It is “election season.” All they are interested in is a vote….or selling a book!

      What state are you from?

      I can’t count the number of elected officials (Maine and DC) I’ve been to…but it’s documented! They can’t deny they are aware of criminal activity! I am continuing my pursuit with these people….I will not stop! I even contacted Traficant back in the 90’s!!

  2. Sorry for not following up with you, I most certainly have not given up, I ‘ve been continually attempting to seek justice, expose this gutter scum fraudulent filth.

    I am in Washington State where they just flat refuse to prosecute Organized Crime RICO Public Corruption. Look at the stats for Washington State in the at regard. You would swear they don’t even know what the word corruption means!

    Let alone prosecute, a conviction is just out of the question. They have ben getting away with this total insanity , criminal fraud in your Face routine for so long , totally unchecked, it has become what is clinically referred to as normal bias.

    Meaning that these demented , perverted scandalous P.O.S. corrupt government actors think it is their God Given Right to violate our Constitutional rights, Sworn Oath to Office, the Law, FRCP, Bar Rules, Professional ethics, Color of Law , Criminal RICO, Criminal Fraud, Criminal Conversion, Gross abuse of Authority, Domestic Terrorism, Kid Napping , Extortion, ETC.

    These warped treasonous criminally fraudulent scum bags don’t think they are doing anything wrong at all !!!

    If the light of truth and possible public disclosure gets in front of any of them, they all scurry like Rats at the dump in the headlights ,

    Then the Foul Fraudulent treasonous scum all gang up on the victim and their family like its open season on innocent citizens.

    Just like they have done to my kids and myself.

    My issue all started out just in a divorce case after 20yrs+. , I had worked my butt off continuously for 25yrs. Had a licensed & bonded used car business for most of those yrs.

    Did most of the work, myself, all of the buying and selling myself.

    Invested in various Real estate ventures, bought , remodeled and rented 3 other homes on the lake we lived on. Had acreage overlooking the lake with a view of Mt. Rainier.

    We had a nice 2000sq.ft Beach front home in Gold Beach Oregon, and had purchased 3/4 of a city block of prime Com. Prop. in the center of down town Gold Beach right on Hwy. 101 with our only neighbor on the block being Well Fargo Bank.

    So for just hard working regular people , we were doing ok and the future was looking pretty bright. We had two kids, a boy and a girl ages 13&14.

    But of course we couldn’t be having that ,so the wife started a love affair with vodka , a little this and that, became a compulsive liar , started screwing up the various bank accounts, so I had to stop everything I was doing so look at our books,,Office records etc.

    So let that be the reason , she empties 4 bank accounts, forges my name on a corporate account she was not a signer on, abandons the kids, business, marriage, home and hinds out with a loser her brother knew.

    Then she blows out of Wa. State for good and heads to So. Calif where her dad and other brother live.

    I of course filed for divorce. I had a local attorney named Geoff Cross in Tacoma Wa. She hired another in Tac. Wa named Gregory E. Grahn.

    When these two attorneys compared notes on all of our assets, it just became too much for them to resist . Working like a couple of Dobermans robbing , playing, using and cheating us both while they drug the divorce on for 2.5 yrs during which time they embezzled , criminally converted our assets.

    During the 2.5 yrs, the wife’s attorney had become Suspended from practice on two separate date spans. But that didn’t even phase this crooked scum bag one bit. he just kept right on Practicing his Color of twisted law anyway. I did have a clue because he sure as hell never said anything nor did my attorney. Neither did the Superior Court, nor the Supreme Court nor the Washington State Bar Assoc.

    Having that be the first RICO party where they violated our Legal “Right to know” and were just going along with their fraudulent proceedings producing nothing short of Null & Void Orders and Rulings.

    I had excellent credit and had worked damn hard for it for years.

    Apparently they were confused about my intent of just getting a divorce from a woman, not my credit , career and everything I owned too.
    I will fill you in on the rest of this nightmare from black law hell later, but the remainder of this worthy of the big screen catastrophe is so flagrantly fraudulent , criminal, and RICO Corrupt.

    I guarantee it will have your eyes as big around as the hubcaps on the last taxi you rode in..

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