A Former Corrections Officer At The Maine State Prison Harassed And Hazed By Several Senior Guards, Including Supervisors

August 29, 2014

WCSH6 TV reports “Cory Peaslee says he took the correctional officer (CO) job because he thought the experience would help fulfill his longtime goal of becoming a police officer. He went through the state’s three month CO training program, graduated in mid-March, and then immediately went to work at the prison.

Peaslee says the incidents happened in May, after he had been working at the prison less than two months. The final incident came when three guards, with a sergeant present, jumped him, wrestled him to the floor and tried to handcuff him. Peaslee says he resisted until a sergeant held a can of pepper spray in his face and threatened to spray him if he did not allow himself to be cuffed.

Peaslee says he later suffered an anxiety attack, and a doctor told him he should not return to work inside the prison. Peaslee says he didn’t want to go back, because he no longer felt safe working there. The state transferred him to a job at the Department of Transportation.

The Department of Corrections only said “no comment” when asked about the situation. However, Peaslee says he has been told unofficially that there will be a hearing on the incident next month, and he may be asked to testify.

View video and read more HERE.

The state “transferred him to the Department of Transportation” ….and life goes on at the Department of Corrections? It appears the fox is still guarding the hens at the Department of Corrections! Do you wonder why police brutality and the corruption continues on Maine? Where are our “leaders”? When will they listen to the people? Who are the real terrorists?

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  1. Hi!

    Too bad that this happened, and he found out what it felt like to be on the “other side” of the fence being handcuffed, etc. In essence, he was treated like a prisoner.

    Maybe he will have some consideration for the prisoners and especially
    those who are innocent after going through the “fake” Maine court system with “fake” judges and NO trial by jury of his peers.

    There are plenty of innocent prisoners sitting in jail cells in this state.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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