“Tavistock Institute is headquartered in London. Its prophet, Sigmond Freud, settled in Maresfield Gardens when he moved to England. He was given a mansion by Princess Bonaparte. Tavistock’s pioneer work in behavioral science along Freudian lines of “controlling” humans established it as the world center of foundation ideology. Its network now extends from the University of Sussex to the U.S. through the Stanford Research Institute, Esalen, MIT, Hudson Institute,Heritage Foundation, Center of Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown, where State Dept. personal are trained, US Air Force Intelligence, and the Rand and Mitre corporations. The personnel of the corporations are required to undergo indoctrination at one or more of these Tavistock controlled institutions. A network of secret groups, the Mont Pelerin Society, Trilateral Commission, Ditchley Foundation, and the Club of Rome is conduit for instructions to the Tavistock network.

Today the Tavistock Institute operates a $6 Billion a year network of Foundations in the U.S., all of it funded by U.S. taxpayers’ money.”

View video and read more HERE.

Isn’t this what is happening today?

JFK Speech (10:59), click here.

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  1. Hi!

    Tavistock operated the National Training Laboratory (NTL) which originates in Virginia and held their labs in Bethel, Maine since 1947.

    They left Bethel, Maine a few years ago.

    Bethel is not far from my home.

    A lot of the locals despised those who attended the labs. My husband was one of them.

    I participated in five (5) of their labs over five (5) summers, and there were a lot of mind games being played out.

    I was viewed as one who would not go along for the ride (group think) and was watched often by the facilitators. I am an independent thinker.

    My undergraduate degree is in Psychology so these labs interested me. I did learn a great deal.

    I knew the psychologist, Charles Seashore, and his wife, Edith Seashore, very well. They both died days apart about a year ago. They also bought a house in Bethel and I believe were buried in Bethel.

    They also had a house in the City of Washington.

    I also met Joseph Luft who invented the “Johari Window” with another person. The johari window is an interesting concept, and I studied this in my psychology classes.

    Many famous people came to Bethel, Maine over time.

    All for now.

    Lise from Maine

    • Doesn’t your personal experience confirm that what’s shown in the video is happening today?

  2. Hi!

    Yes, it’s all mind control and group think.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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