“Maine’s New Graduation Mandates Challenge School Districts”

QUESTION: Where was everyone (anyone?) when Maine’s Learning Results (Common Core) were paraded out for elitist review and approval back in 1993 during Governor John (Jock) McKernan’s Administration? (McKernan is the husband of U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe. He is also known for having brought the Soviet Polytech workforce training system to Maine in the early 1990s, after a visit to Denmark where he studied how it worked.)

A special ceremony was held in 1993 to parade Maine’s Learning Results before the “chosen” public. The Learning Results were made available for inspection by members of the Maine State School Board, the Maine Dept. of Education, innocent teachers (to be lead to performance-based slaughter during the next 25 years!), local school board members, employees from the Governor’s Office, carefully selected members of the press, a sprinkling of change agent citizens, and corporate types. They all, as preplanned, applauded the unveiling of the future for Maine educators and our children.

However, there was someone in the audience, a veteran public school music teacher by the name of Steve Schran who had the courage to call Maine’s Learning Results (a Common Core draft document dated 1989) exactly what they are: COMMUNISM.”

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Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education


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  1. Hmmm! Does it seem strange that this was done the same year as Clinton’s Executive Order #12582 was issued to implement UN Agenda 21 through the President’s Council on Sustainable Development?

  2. The #10 Goal of Clinton’s PCSD was to “Ensure that all Americans have equal access to education and lifelong learning opportunities that will prepare them for meaningful work, a high quality of life, and an understanding of the CONCEPTS INVOLVED IN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

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