York County (ME) Sheriff’s Race: Is William “Bill” King The Federal Trojan Horse?


William King, who is currently the chief deputy — the second-in-command — at the York County Sheriff’s Office participated in a forum sponsored by the York County Democratic Committee. Each candidate was asked what the most important issue facing the new sheriff will be and how he will handle it. King said the Department of Justice recommends 1.7 officers per 1,000 people in a rural environment and wants “more officers on the road.”

How does the Justice Department “fit” into a county department?

King further stated that “he would like to see more towns have contract deputies.”

Why does he not have a contract? Who is he “contracted” with?

Read more HERE.

To Deputy King, since you’re former DEA, DOJ, OIG, take action on the complaint brought before you.

5-27-14 update

FOIA Request for copy of signed temporary contract and copy of signed contract beyond the 90 day temporary contract yielded this reply:

“There is no contract.  Bill King was appointed as the Chief Deputy which does not require a contract.  I am unsure why a reference is made to a contract.”

York County voters will choose among three candidates for sheriff in the June 10 primary. The candidates are:

Paul Main – A sheriff’s deputy from 1980 to 1999. Main said he is running in part to improve morale at the county jail.
Dana Lajoie – police chief in South Berwick.
William King Jr. – was appointed acting chief deputy by Sheriff Maurice Ouellette in 2010 and took over the job for good in 2013. During his tenure at the Department of Justice, King concedes that he violated Justice Department policies. However, this goes beyond “misuse of a government vehicle.” This is fraud upon the taxpayer! The following news article also fails to mention that King was demoted.

Read more HERE.

William King has worked for the CIA, DEA, DOJ, OIG and has introduced himself as a ret. FBI agent. He is also the Maine State trainer in law enforcement encounters with Sovereign Citizens. More HERE.


Why would Sheriff Ouellette want a Federal agent in the sheriff’s department for 90 days? Why would Sheriff Ouellette want to hire King whose credibility and integrity are less than trustworthy?

Bill King (hiring authorization), click here.

As an elected sheriff of this county, a well-connected federal agent, can we expect that Bill King will his fulfill his duty, as well as responsibility, to uphold the Constitution and protect those people who placed their trust in him to do what is right?

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William “Bill” King Running For York County (ME) Sheriff, click here.

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