Communism 101 Out Of Mouth Of Senator Conrad Appel?

The People, LLC – Did LA State Senator Conrad Appel Really Just Say That?!?  View HERE.

“The good of the few must always be subject to the good of the whole? Senator Appel, the US is a Constitutional Republic. The rights of the individual cannot be violated regardless of what you believe is best for the whole. Majority does not rule here, the constitution does.”

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  1. How is it that an elected official does not know the difference between a Democracy that is based upon majority rule, and a Constitutional Republic that is based upon INDIVIDUAL rights? NO Mr. Appel, America is a Constitutional Republic where the rights of the individual SHALL NOT be violated and it is RIGHT to be fixated upon that! NO…majority does NOT rule in a Constitutional Republic and the good of the individual SHALL NOT be SUBJECT to anyone…except God Almighty Himself! And if YOU TRULY believe what you’ve said here, your constituents MUST remove you and put someone who understands what I’ve stated here, in your place!

    • Right on Deb!

  2. He needs time to think about what he just said , like maybe China ,say 10 years . And when he returns he might apreciate the republic and individual rights and not the majority mob rule .

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