Charlotte Iserbyt Explains: Con-Con, Regional Government & Soviet System

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Charlotte tells why the people pushing for a Constitutional Convention are treading very dangerous ground. Also, the soviet system of regional rule by appointed councils is totalitarian —- taxation without elected representation. She’s got facts to back up everything she says. Be prepared to take notes! .Free pdf download of her 738 pg book, Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, with a great index to look up her references is here:

Charlotte T. Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Dept. of Education

To order the updated abridged 2011 version of “the deliberate dumbing down of america”, it is available from 3D Research at

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  1. Is Charlotte, or does she have concrete info, of the belief that to sue the Government on Constitutional and Civic Rights is futile? Margot

  2. Hi!

    Pay attention to what Charlotte is revealing.

    Someone should have been “shouting from the rooftops” when our
    constitutional state was being destroyed over time whereby we don’t have a constitutional state any longer since 1876, no more county courts (local control), no more commissioned judges, and no more trial by jury “of his peers” but instead have trial by jury of the government since 1935 to ensure a conviction or loss of a cause (civil).

    Education has been going down the toilet for years and years and years, and it is done on purpose so the “powers that be” can have their slaves “working and managed” by and for them (corporations).

    Once again, pay strict attention to what Charlotte is revealing.

    All for now.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • Lise, Lots of us in the know HAVE been shouting about CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS for a long time. What UNMASKING of MAINE is reporting has been known for a long time by many on such alternative News sites as D.C. Clothesline, Before Its News, and Common Also, Finance sites have been carrying a lot of news which ties in with what our Gov. is doing. I have posted on this site several times giving info. Have you seen my posts? You have my email You are welcome to contact me with any questions you may have.

      Bottom Line is: Except in very few courts and under a few Judges in this country, THE LAW as was written is dead as a rusted 1900 House and Barn NAIL!

      FYI: The ONLY People still filing our cases into Maine and U.S. District Courts for DOG CASES are CAROL MURPHY and MARGOT MALPHER!!! Norma Worley and her Agents confiscated unlawfully some 500 animals Worley’s first year in Maine (BEFORE I CAME TO MAINE). She was so proud of herself she bragged about it to the Press! I filed a lawsuit against her and her agents, Christine Frasier, State Vet, and Christina Perry, and Gov. John Baldacci, G.Steven Rowe who refused to conduct a Criminal Investigation into my case, and Commissioner Bradstreet, who was Head of Maine’s Dept. of Agriculture, and Prosecutor Paul Cavenaugh and Judge Romei of Washington County.

      Dotti LaFortune and Andrea Murillo are familiar with my case.

      May I ask why these names I mentioned above NOT LISTED on this site? Some are but not ALL. I suggest they be added to the list that appears to the Right of this post.

      Also, are you aware that a Defendant could not find an Attorney in Maine to take her case!!! She was told that “a Dog case cannot be won in Maine.” Does that smell like “somethings fishy in Denmark”? That’s a nice way of putting FRAUD and CONSPIRACY, isn’t it???

      So, whats wrong with the citizens of Maine? Dumbed Down, yes, a lot of them. Chicken-hearted? OR JUST DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEIR NEIGHBORS SO LONG AS IT DOESN’T HAPPEN TO THEM!

      You may not like to hear the truth, Lise, but CAROL and I have been fighting the good fight for years ALONE. NOT ONE MAINER has come to support me, except Andrea.

      IF MAINERS CANNOT STAND TOGETHER, IN LARGE NUMBERS, then when they come for you to take away your GUNS, FISHING POLES and LICENSES and put you all in the FEMA camps, then remember YOU ASKED FOR IT!

      As for me, I am not giving up. I fight for my beloved dogs and I WANT THEM RETURNED.

      • Margot,
        ” What UNMASKING of MAINE is reporting” (regarding the constitution for the state of Maine) has been known for a long time” is not true. No one has ever come forth with the research Lise has found. You are probably referring the U.S. Constitution. Lise is dealing with Maine only.

        Names mentioned on this site are included in postings. Some of the names you listed above are unknown to me and no articles have been posted to this blog regarding your subject/persons. If you have something you want to share on this blog, you may send me a write-up (typed, please) with documents to back up your story.

  3. Easiest way to deal with present problem in education is to get rid of (replace) ALL governors who are on board with this agenda. ALL, including Maine’s Governor Paul LePage. National Governors Association was funded and formed by the Carnegie Corporation in the early nineteen hundreds. Carnegie Corporation in its “Conclusions and Recommendations for the Social Studies”1934, at American, called for “using the schools to change America’s capitalist economic system to a planned economy” That is what we are looking at today. Implementing the Soviet Polytech System of Education. President Reagan signed an extensive education agreemente with former USSR President Gorbachev in 1985 which merged the two education systems. Carnegie Corporation at the same time signed an agreement with the Soviet Academy of Science to cooperate in the development of computer courseware in Marxist critical thinking for early elementary school children. All this documentation is available at where”the deliberate dumbing down of america” is a FREE download.

  4. Margot,

    You have a right to your opinion about me and I respect that.

    First of all, I deal only with Maine issues UNLESS I can connect the Constitution of the United States to Maine.

    Otherwise I don’t use it.

    I have sent Dottie plenty of evidence to show that we don’t have any courts here in Maine and nor do we have any commissioned judges and NO trial by jury “of his peers.” See Article 1, Section 6 of the original Constitution of the State of Maine (1820), Article VI and Article IX, Section 3.

    Going into their “fake” courts with only “administrators” presiding and with a trial by jury by the government is high risk, and most people lose in there.

    You lost and perhaps continue to lose as well as most others.

    Very sad, indeed!

    Attempting to “win” in a fraudulent and treasonous atmosphere (fake courts) is NOT the way to approach a situation. Even if I did support you in whatever way you would like, would not ensure a win.

    It would be futile to do so.

    These treasonous people such as “fake” judges do NOT care about us and our constitutional “secured” rights, and they are NOT there to uphold them either, and they won’t.

    You have experienced that yourself.

    My role that I have chosen: To expose to the people of Maine and others what I have shown on this blog and in my upcoming book.

    It is very, very important to expose the “source” of the problem and provide evidence, otherwise, it is only speculation.

    When I began my research regarding the “courts” almost seven (7) years ago, I did not realize the extent of the fraud and treason that I discovered over time. The research took me down a path beyond the courts.

    It is horrendous and overwhelming at times and shocking to say the least.

    How could this happen I said over and over again?

    I found plenty to show that it happened slowly and insidiously over time.

    The reality, Margot, is that you will never get your dogs back (very sad), and you will not get any justice in these fraudulent so-called courts with fake judges and no trial by jury by the people.

    These “fake” courts are not designed to administer justice no matter how much you choose to fight.

    Why go in there knowing full well that you cannot win?

    Have you won yet?

    I am so sorry that this happened to you and your dogs. It actually makes me angry that this happened.

    I do care about my neighbors as I warn as many of them as possible to NOT enter any of these “fake” courts with “fake” judges and “fake” juries.

    They will lose for the most part. It is very, very rare that anyone wins, and if someone does win, the “fake” judges will make sure that the next person loses.

    It is all rigged that way.

    Most people here in Maine continue to believe that we have genuine, constitutional courts and so forth UNTIL they enter one of them and they soon find out there isn’t any justice administered in it. These people learn the hard way which is too bad.

    What these “fake” judges as well as other public officials don’t like is exposure to their fraudulent ways.

    They will do everything in their power to prevent the people from actually learning the truth no matter what.

    I have taken it upon myself to expose these criminals, and they don’t like it.

    My approach is very different than yours.

    So blaming others is not the way to go. It accomplishes very little except to make someone miserable.

    Once again, I am very sorry what happened to you and your dogs. I am a dog lover; I have several of my own.

    All for now.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • Lise, didn’t say all I wanted to on my last messg. On these topics I could write a book. And when I finish with the Court stuff, etc. I will be doing a lot of writing for the People. Just want you to know, this, for me, has become a lifelong thing because I am a Security Officer for the United states of America. I work independently as a Volunteer, having had the experience and training given me many years ago when I was in the workforce. There are others like me “out there” doing what they can do to help our country. I’ve met them from time to time. We do not wear a uniform carry a badge or gun, as a rule. Just letting you and others know, you are not alone.

      When I was addressing the fact that Mainers do not give support to their neighbor. Let me clarify: First, and this is known by some Maine officials, those newcomers who come into Maine “from away” in many towns and villages in Northern Maine are not treated well by some Mainers. The Welcome Mat isn’t out. I speak from experience. Why? Such Mainers see us, especially if we come from Massachusetts, as a threat to their way of life. They feel we settle there and next thing ya know, we try to make changes. Its not true in my case. Its OK in their eyes if you come up to Topsfield on vacation, or to hunt n fish. But to stay longer is Taboo. The BIG Problem is that in the OTHER MAINE, the Boonies, theres practically NO SERVICES. IF you are alone, have no family there, they know you will need help at times. They may see this as a Burden on them. But it shouldn’t be that hard to offer your support when your neighbor who has lost her lovely dogs and is grieving all by herself and not one person comes to offer a comforting word. When I speak of support, this is what I mean. WHY?

      I’ll tell you what I think. I’m originally from Massachusetts, born there. I run into a problem with the Law. They don’t know me from Adam, because they don’t want to. They don’t know how LOVING and CARING a person I am nor the fact that I have very good character, NEVER did anything against the Law anywhere, intentionally, or to hurt anyone. They don’t know because they don’t want to know you. That way, they don’t have to get involved!

      This is one of the first signs I see of a SCARED POPULATION. WORSE, to people in other countries, including our enemies, this is what they see, too. Today, we have TRANSPARENCY everywhere and more and more of it. The SEEDS of Domestic Terrorism are everywhere. AND NOW those seeds have germinated and the Plants and trees are bigger and more plentiful across this Nation. Governments Fail, Courts Fail, Judges Fail, Law Enforcement Fails, and People Fail. The POISON of DOMESTIC TERRORISM and FRAUD SPREADS. Its not COMING, its ALREADY HERE!

      Lise, you are living in a Bubble, just like most people. YOU DON”T KNOW the Big Picture because, as you said, you are concerned only with Maine. That’s the typical Mainer I meet. And Maine is not the ONLY state like this. BUT it is one of the Worst in terms of INSULATING, Barricading, itself from the REST of the States. If I were to name the ONE State in the UNION that stands out as one that says, WE WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE and LIVE AS WE CHOOSE, GOVERN OURSELVES, BUT GO TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WHEN WE NEED TO FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, then MAINE is the one. That’s what your people tell me and you just said so too!

      SO LONG AS MAINE or any other state feels they can take from the rest of us, i.e. Financial Assistance, and treat us like we don’t belong, then Maine is not as independent as she would like to be nor IS. There is great danger ahead should ANY state secede from the UNION. Those states left on their own will be vulnerable to the enemy they don’t know. They will never be able to win or survive in that situation. Take a look at our History, THE CIVIL WAR. Maine participated then. The North won then. Would states like Maine be able to give in todays world? Would such states be left behind when push comes to shove? My guess: Maine will be on her own. Its what she wants and its what she’ll get! I’m sorry for Maine. She has a lot of good people, but she’s wrong if she deserts her fellow American!

      A thought: We either STAND TOGETHER as a NATION and see ourselves as AMERICANS First, or we STAND APART as INDIVIDUAL and INDEPENDENT STATES whose people see themselves as MAINERS, VERMONTERS, TEXANS, CALIFORNIANS, etc. First and their country second. Whats important to you most?

      I already said whats most important to me, and that’s MY COUNTRY, all 50 States! One no more so than the rest. I am an AMERICAN NATIONAL, born on the Land of North America. I am also a Citizen of the United states of America, meaning all 50 states. I believe in THE UNION. A state alone is like a boat without a rudder, so to speak. I know what its like to live the Independent lifestyle. Its the most risky and aloneness style there is. You walk the road less travelled and meet few along that road who are like you because each of you are NON-CONFORMIST INDIVIDUALS. There are many benefits, though the life is risky, rocky, hard/difficulty with no to little help, as you learn more because you stand upon a Hill looking down at the World from a Perspective few can see. Its also like standing on the outside looking in. As someone once said to me (and others have seen me this way, too), “YOU SEE THINGS OTHERS DON’T SEE.” Yes, and from that standpoint I try to help others. I am now 74. I continue to GROW. I look forward every day to the next as an ADVENTURE in LIFE and a chance to LEARN. I thank God for this. I want to live as long as the good Lord allows. Through my self-education, I share with my fellowman what Wisdom is bestowed upon me. My life through my Faith, is everlasting.

      Good luck, Lise, with all you strive for and thank you for your service. Margot

  5. Hi!

    My nephew (brother’s son), who is a non-union school teacher in New Hampshire, told me a week ago that “common core” is designed to “dumb down” the students.

    He is in the system so he must see and hear certain things to come to that conclusion.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  6. Lise, thanks for your reply and explanation. I agree with what you have found out over time. I have learned the same. I know you are primarily concerned with Maine and want the People of Maine to know the Truth. So do I. Yes, our approach to solving problems may be different but we both end up with the same conclusions: Maine is a Corrupt Out Law State. The Judges and other officials are “fake” as well.

    But, I don’t agree with not entering the Courts of Maine including the United States District Courts because YOU MUST DO SO if you want to take your case to the next level. Its their Rules. I never expected to win in Maine after I saw how I was treated and others who told me their stories. My aim is to go much higher. NO ONE, except in very few cases, dogs and other animals particularly, will win in Maine. I know who is in back of the Judges and Justices, plus I have hard evidence from a higher source but I will not present it til the time is right. Actually, I have won something in Maine, but this cannot be disclosed at this time. I may be the ONLY one who has, much to my surprise.

    You may or may not know, but I have won a dog case in Massachusetts and that is quite a win. A Jury acquitted me. I had an honest judge who knew how to run her court, and I had a good lawyer who did his job. The Prosecutor could not prove her burden. Though there were 4 Veterinarians, an SPCA Agent, and a Police Officer who testified for the Prosecutor, and she did her darndest to prove me guilty, the VERY INTELLIGENT Jury and Judge who KNOWS THE LAW, and MY ATTORNEY who knew the EVIDENCE presented would show me NOT GUILTY, PROVED the LAW works in a Court of Justice.

    I think its essential that the People of Maine NOT BE DISILLUSIONED in bringing their case to court, if they can. If a Mainer is charged with a crime, Civil or Criminal, and can’t afford to hire their own attorney, they are entitled to a Court appointed attorney. If they submit an INFORMA PAUPERIS that shows the court they are INDIGENT, they will receive a Public Defender and not have to pay court costs up front. If they lose, they can make Application to the Appeals Court which is Maine’s Supreme Court and request a Transcript of their case to give to the Supreme Court. It will not cost them anything to enter this court. The Justices will render their Opinion based on what info they have before them. If one loses in the highest court in Maine and get a Final Decision, in writing, then the person can submit a Lawsuit (Claim) into the Highest Court in the Land, The U.S. Supreme Court in D.C. (The odds are very slim of this court taking the case, but you then have from them their answer.) On the Federal side, you file a Lawsuit (claim) into the United States District Court in Bangor or Portland, there are only these two. Hiring Lawyers can be costly, but if you are Indigent you can file as a ProSe, meaning you represent yourself as the Plaintiff/Petitioner. You will need to educate yourself in the Federal Rules of Procedure, and The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and your State’s Constitution. Make no mistake about it. THIS IS NOT EASY. It requires you have at least a High School education and the Intelligence to understand the LAW, and you must have a burning desire to fight for what you believe in and this does not mean just yourself. I not only fight through these battles for me and my dogs, but for the People of America and our American Way of Life which for my 74 yrs has been LIBERTY with JUSTICE FOR ALL, and not for a Government run by Fascists, Nazis, and Communists.

    If we don’t fight, and that means ALL of us, then what we will surely have is a Socialist/Communist Nation where we will have NOTHING. NO HOME, NO CARS, BOATS, GUNS, LAND, and our every move will be monitored and we will be told what to wear, what to eat, who to befriend, etc. AND, on yes, for those of you who have been used to going across the Border to see friends and relatives in Canada, you will need the proper IDs and be held up at the Border while they check you out, including your vehicle. Many Americans now are being treated like Criminals. If you fight for and support your Church and Christ’s teachings, you will be called a Domestic Terrorist for feeding the poor and homeless. Don’t believe it? Yahoo News just put it out that Camden, NJ Police fined 6 people $375.00 each for feeding 100 Homeless , and they were told that if they did not stop they would have to go to Court. 2 said they would. The Homeless’ Tents were bulldozed and their belongings thrown in the trash. What will happen to them? The Shelters are full to capacity!!!

    Same happened in Daytona Beach, Florida, and same happening in San Diego, San Francisco, and many other cities. When will Maine have their turn?

    So, its now come down to FIGHT or FLIGHT.

    Lise, I appreciate YOUR EFFORTS and Others who want to do whats right. All I’m saying is its gone way past the “Paperwork” stage now. Tomorrow, the 16th May, is AMERICAN SPRING in D.C. I am praying very hard tonite that these very brave men and women can have an impact there. Please join with me in Prayer tonite, and may GOD BLESS us in our Hour of Need. A special Prayer for the Homeless and Poor wherever they may be.


  7. Hi Margot,

    Ask anyone who is of French descent and hear what they can tell you about non-acceptance/discrimination, and perhaps there are others, too.

    Besides that is NOT the issue here.

    The main issue for me is fraud and treason against the people, and I can prove it.

    I have dug deep into the law books for years and years, and I found much more than I ever thought I would.

    The course of my research and actions are to “expose” the criminals.

    Charlotte is exposing the “dumb down” concepts of common core relating to so-called education.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • Hi! Yes, Lise, I know what you and Charlotte are doing. I think that’s fine. Keep up the Good Work. I’ll keep reading the Posts. Best, Margot

  8. Hi!

    As some of you know, I read a great deal; I purchase a book a week for the most part and sometimes I get two of them and actually read them.

    Yesterday I picked up a book called “Totally Incorrect” by Doug Casey (written in 2012).

    In this book there is a chapter on “Juries and Justice” and a chapter on “education” which he agrees with Charlotte is nothing more than “training.”

    I suggest that you read the book, and if you cannot afford it, then perhaps you can get it at the library or their interlibrary loan program.

    His ideas are very insightful but I don’t always agree with him.

    Right now I will share some of what he says about “Juries and Justice.”

    He is in agreement that “juries” are a good idea but he claims that jurors must be “independent thinkers” and not be easily swayed or pressured by any “groupthink” mentality.

    He continues to say “they are a good balance against the tremendous power of judges.”

    In actuality, judges have very little power since it is the “jury” who decides causes under the constitution except in “equity” situations because the jury verdict, if a jury is utilized at all, is ONLY “advisory.”

    The “judge” in an “equity” jurisdiction is actually a “Chancellor” (his title)but guess what? There is NO such thing as Chancellors regarding the “judges” here in Maine right from the start.

    For the Legislature to pass a “pretend” fraudulent law (1821) and “mix” both common law jurisdiction and equity jurisdiction together is NOT lawful as the people are “guaranteed” a trial by jury of the vicinity and “of his peers.” Equity and common law jurisdictions are very different jurisdictions and must be separated as it was in England, this did not happen here in Maine.

    A guarantee of a trial by jury of the vicinity and of his peers means that no one has to “ask” for such a trial by jury. It is guaranteed under the “original” Constitution of the State of Maine, and the jury verdict is NOT advisory.

    An appeal process is available to the people.

    The “equity” jurisdiction does NOT participate in criminal matters except it was involved in criminal situations in the 1870s here in Maine whereby a “judge” could hold someone in contempt for NOT following a court order and send someone off to jail. This is fraud and treason against the people and increases the powers of the state via the judge unlawfully.

    Prior to the 1870s, the “bond” that someone purchased and filed into court is assurance that the cause would or could be settled if the court order was violated.

    Remember, in an “equity” jurisdiction the “judge” has discretion. Under the constitution there is NO mention of “equity,” and he does NOT have discretion to decide a cause since a trial by jury is guaranteed.

    Any commissions that I have examined never ever said “Chancellor” as a title.

    Keep in mind that the commission provides a public office and a title to the person so named in his commission.

    No title of “Chancellor” means that the judge cannot hear a cause in “equity.”

    He either has the title or he does not.

    Mr. Casey further states: “The way juries are run today is really a form of involuntary servitude.”

    You either show up or you could be held in contempt and will have to deal with the judge’s decision(s) – go to jail or pay a fine, etc. Nothing is voluntary about it.

    He continues to say: “Worse, there’s the jury selection process called “voir dire.”

    By the way, I address this in my book.

    ‘Voir dire” is the process of eliminating potential jurors which is in actuality an “interrogation process,” and who shows “bias” in the attorney’s case, and that the attorney seeks someone who will believe what they are told claims Mr. Casey.

    He further states: “That usually means that anyone exhibiting independent thinking, or who is prone to value justice over law enforcement, gets removed and will never serve on a jury.”

    He continues: “People who think in concepts are weeded out as

    He believes that the quality of juries today are operating at a low level of
    intelligence and ability to think through various situations.

    This is exactly what the state wants as well as the general government so they can ensure a conviction (criminal) or a loss of a cause (civil).

    Does the “dumbing down” of the population tie into this? Of course, it fits in nicely.

    Furthermore, are these “dumbed down” jurors actually “of your peers?”


    The people are guaranteed a trial by jury of the vicinity and “of his peers” under the “original” constitution.

    Susan B. Anthony argued in her 1873 cause that the jurors were all men and were not of “her” peers. She lost her cause and justly so because she argued the wrong issue(s).

    The jurors of today operate at below average intelligence and cannot display any independent thinking in deciphering the facts before them.

    He continues to say that the so-called justice system in this country is actually a “penal” system enforcing the laws as opposed to “defending” people from fraud and force.

    He also says that justice is about making the victim “whole” once again by having the injured party receive compensation from those who have violated him or her – a genuine injured party, an actual victim who was violated.

    I will stop here regarding his book. His book is well worth reading.

    I address the jury system here in Maine which was lost by the people by 1935.

    Keep in mind that “education” and the “jury system” tie in together. If you have dumb people on the jury who cannot decipher facts/laws by intelligent thinking, you will be convicted or lose your cause.

    It is happening more and more in this country, and more and more innocent people are going to jail for it.

    Isn’t it in the governments’ interest to “dumb down” the population?

    Of course!

    As an example look at the Deschaine case here in Maine. DNA shows that he didn’t murder the 12 year old but he still remains in prison.


    Is there a financial incentive to keep him jailed? Do you suppose that bonds and more are sold on Wall Street regarding each prisoner?

    Where is the justice in this case?

    There isn’t any.

    All for now.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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