William “Bill” King Running For York County (ME) Sheriff


Bill King – Whistleblower investigation, view here.

How did Bill King land a job in the York County Sheriff’s Dept? Why would York County Sheriff Maurice Ouellette bypass other officers and promote King to Chief Deputy? As Chief Deputy in the Sheriff’s Dept., he has covered up and refused to investigate serious violations of federal law. King has also introduced himself as a retired FBI agent. Think twice about this candidate!


“King has experience, passion to be next sheriff” and “has worked for the CIA”, read more HERE and HERE.

King has been at the York County Sheriff’s Office since June 2010. He previously served 26 years in the U.S. Department of Justice. He began his federal career at the Drug Enforcement Administration and later transferred to the U. S. Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General. Read more HERE.

He is also the Maine State trainer in law enforcement encounters with Sovereign Citizens. More HERE.


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  1. Hi!

    Appears that he will make a “great” sheriff “for the state” and enforce the “will” of the codified state.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

    • The word has to get out on this….CIA, DEA, etc.

  2. Isn’t it amazing the CRIMINAL ACADAMY teach about Sovereign Citizen (oxymoron) tell of all the illegal actions preformed by the SC the lien’s Ect. are bogus but cause serious problems, if they were in-fact bogus, why wouldn’t the criminal system throw them out and prosecute the SC for bogus filings as opposed “PAPER TERRORISM”?
    I’m going through a form of this right now.

  3. That is what my whole law suit is about! Professor Barry Blunt and my self perfected it back in 1990! Now, they over road the Supreme Court x 2 how? They constructed a Legalese Play Write at my expense and destroyed the truth seeking process! Well we have not had the Rule or Law since 1991 because of a private entity removing (Common Law) illegally! Now it is,”POWER TO THE STATE”! They think!

  4. How did King land job at the York County Sheriff’s Office in the first place?

  5. he’s a trained liar . He probably couldn’t tell the truth if it hit him square in the face . And additionally he’s a federal agent first , how is he going to stand for the people rights as sheriff , He’s a fed .

    • Myself, and others, met with him about two+ years ago when he attended a forum held by James O’Keefe (Veritas Project). He introduced himself to us as a ret. FBI agent and York County deputy sheriff. (This did raise a fed flag.) Would an FBI Agent “climb down” the ladder? His help was sought for an investigation involving most serious violations of federal law, to no avail. The issue involves the use of drugs in the taking of someone’s life, bank accounts, so much more….and he’s former DEA, as well. How much more unconstitutional can this guy be???? He’s not under contract with the York County Sheriff’s Dept. Who is he contracted with? York County voters …take notice!

  6. Hi!

    The FBI is another crooked outfit.

    Lise from Maine

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