City of Augusta and State of Maine’s Eminent Domain Battle To Displace Families For Sake Of A Court Parking Lot

Maine Tenants Justice League letter, HERE.

GinA Turcotte letter, HERE.

MAINE TENANTS JUSTICE LEAGUE, click here and here.

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  1. Why is the city of Augusta opting to tear down people’s homes, instead of trying to buy and use the ALREADY EMPTY lot across the street [formerly the site of the YMCA]??

    • Perhaps you could ask your mayor before they confirm him to the bench!

  2. When government takes over huge portions of a town, the tax base is decimated, people are displaced, the economy benefits special interests (corporate donors to campaigns), the regulatory burdens become excessive, security and law enforcement are forced to increase their personnel and services, adding more tax burdens on the remaining private sector. The list of damages to a once respectable and pleasant town (city) goes on and on. Yet the State of Maine seems to need more and more government for its meager and stagnant population of 1.3 million. We do not need more government, or more legal battles to preserve our freedom, we need smaller, more efficient, and less intrusive and overbearing government as intended by the Founders. We need people to live responsibly without continually more directives from what has become a nearly socialistic oligarchy in Maine!

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