Jack McCarthy: On The Constitution of Maine

“12 April 2014 6th annual Tea party rally Augusta Maine, My rant, a little rough unscripted and unrehearsed with back in jury pain level 9.9.”

View HERE.

Well stated, Jack!

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  1. Hi!

    Jack, good work!

    We don’t have a lawful constitution in place here in Maine as the 2013 constitution is a “statutory” constitution – LD 1564 sponsored by a “newbie” legislature. Forgot her name at the moment. Our constitution does not need to be “sponsored,” and there are NO amendments incorporated in the said constitution which is fraud and treason.

    We don’t have a lawful state any longer since that 1875 “codified” (roman civil law) constitution went into effect in 1876, 100 years after the American Revolution.


    Furthermore, this codified constitution destroyed Article 10, Section 4 regarding how the constitution can be changed – by amendment ONLY.

    For decades the Chief Justice changes the constitution which is fraud and treason,and the legislature approves it. The Chief Justice and legislature are NOT “above” the constitution as they are suppose to operate “within” the constitution but not so today and earlier.

    We don’t have any county courts, within and for the county (local control). We don’t have any commissioned judges operating today,
    and we don’t have a trial by jury of the vicinity and of his peers today since 1935.

    What we have today are state-wide courts operating “for the state” and “fake” judges (administrators only) enforcing the “will” of the state.

    The trial by jury is a trial by the government to ensure a conviction.

    Wake up folks. We have been screwed royally.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  2. Hi!


    Meant to say “newbie” legislator not legislature as above-noted.

    Still having problems with my injured eye.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

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