45 Communist Goals by Dr. Cleon Skousen (1958)

“The following is a list of Current Communist Goals as revealed by Dr. Cleon Skousen in The Naked Communist, written in 1958 and read into the Congressional Record in 1963. Of the 45, I can provide specific examples to at least 40 of them. While they may be masqueraded under the guise of something other than communism, the final result is the same – the dissolution of the Constitutional Republic that is the foundation of the United States of America. It’s interesting that the Representative was a member of the Democratic Party, the very party that has been largely enveloped by those with Communist and Socialist beliefs. Let’s see where we are in 2013. As you read, keep in mind that this list was written in 1958.”

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  1. Incredible, isn’t it? And to think, I have been spewing this “type” of information for a long time and people think I am off my nut. This little link should toast your brain… http://thespeechatimeforchoosing.wordpress.com/2010/08/15/socialist-party-of-america-releases-the-names-of-70-democrat-members-of-congress-who-are-members-of-their-caucus/

  2. This 1st one [38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies.] is partially “checked” too! DHHS arresting (confiscating) children under false pretenses. Dig a little, and you can find more.

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