Common Core: The End Plan…from Anita Hoge

“YES, Common Core will be repealed, BUT, it is ‘warmed over Common Core’ that will replace it. Common Core Copyright was used to pull in each state under Race to the Top grants. That was the ’50 state strategy’ to be sure the standards were standardized and accepted in each state. This began the Individualization of identifying the individual child to meet individual standards, not academic content curriculum, plus, it allows for separating the funding to be delivered to each child. Lets call it the foundation. Individualization.

The ESEA Flexibility Waiver, then, allows the free and reduced 40% lunch to be eliminated, allowing ALL children to be identified for Title I funding, called “schoolwide.” Every child becomes educationally deprived because they have not these individual standards. (See Indiana’s Flex Waiver below.) ALSO, the waiver mandates COLLEGE AND CAREER READY STANDARDS. Even though it sounds different from Common Core, it elaborates and expands Common Core along with dispositions or workforce soft skills. Title II under the Flex Waiver is just forcing the teachers to comply with the training, Marzano and Danielson. The plan must have three things: EXACT standards; EXACT teacher training to teach the standards and interventions; and EXACT curriculum and software that are validated to meet standards with FERPA allowing data mining to 3rd party contractors to develop the EXACT curriculum. Lets call this the implementation phase.

So look for states to say, STOP Common Core, because everyone is so upset with it. Lets do College and Career Ready Standards. That was the plan all along. It’s the Department of Labor, SCANS, and has never strayed from the workforce training agenda. Dispositions or soft skills will be integrated into the curriculum. Look at ANY of the R&D Staes in the Innovation Lab Network. These states are the key to what will happen in the future. That is the plan.

Warmed Over Version of the Common Core.

Tracking Common Core Backlash in states.

States that are repealing, delaying or something about Common Core.

Links to all the Innovation Lab Network research that is being done.

Maine career Outcome Standards

New Hampshire

A”How to do it” Tool Kit
Oregon and New Hampshire Added to Innovation Lab Network
Codify in Law College and Career Readiness Standards

David Conley/Oregon

Rethinking Non-Cognitive

The Proxy Parent

Completed Projects Innovation Lab Network

Research on Non-Cognitive

New Research Kentucky Center for Education Innovation

Video Wisconsin and Maine/Innovation Lab Newwork

New Hampshire and here.

Wisconsin Guide

Beyond Credits and Seat time Wisconsin


CCSSO Teaching Dispositions

CCSSO Teachers Teaching Disposition

Original Model OECD/CCSSO
Stupski workshop presentation, HERE


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