The Evils of Common Core in Sikeston, Mo.

Please watch this video of a Sikeston, Mo. teacher’s testimony on Common Core before the Missouri Senate Education Committee.  Dreadful!  Click here.

And if that’s not bad enough look what else is going on in Sikeston, click here.

“What’s going on in Sikeston, MO regarding the school bond issue? Parents are treated dismissively (even as their tax dollars are being used for public education delivery and their children receive services), teachers are bullied, parents are bullied and transparency is hard to find. Reprinted from Missouri Moms Against Common Core:”

Read this whole article HERE – it is devastating. Below are excerpts.
From Missouri Moms:

“EXAMPLE 2: Parents have very real concerns about Common Core and the curriculum that accompany the standards. Moms and dads have many legitimate worries as they see things happening in their kids educations that are very alarming. However, when certain board members refer to these parents they refer to them as “those Common Core parents” in a notably derogatory tone. We are taking note, and do not appreciate it. Parents know it is not a secret that in the Kindergarten and elementary grades teachers have been mandated to teach from the New York Engage math curriculum, knowing that it is not good for kids. Teachers are complaining about teaching from scripted lessons and allowed no freedom to reach kids the way they best see fit. New York state has been using this curriculum and they are failing miserably there. Why would Sikeston choose to use a curriculum that is shown to fail in other states? Teachers and parents are screaming that it isn’t working but they refuse to stop using it. Why? It is because it is aligned to the Common Core, but our administration will not admit that. Parents know something is wrong with what their kids are being taught, and teachers are echoing those same concerns. Why does it feel at times that the administration not listening?

EXAMPLE 3: The children of Sikeston are about to be used as human guinea pigs in a field test for
textbook companies who sell the assessment tests back to the states.

EXAMPLE 4: The school board and administration recently have diminished the concerns shared among many parents about the requirements of the new Common Core Standards and how it will transform our curriculum to align to the standards. They have said again and again, those scary curriculum stories will never happen here in Sikeston. They are wrong. Just a week ago it has been acknowledged that our school board voted on and approved (said to have been unanimous, but we can’t get the minutes from the meeting until April apparently) history and social studies textbooks that many tax payers and parents in our district may find objectionable. We have been told that books on the list were found to be highly controversial all over the country and books on the list have recently been BANNED from the Miami Dade school district, and Tennessee schools among many others. The reason they have been banned is due to their heavy pro-Islamic content, while diminishing the Christian faith. “
Parents and teachers are being abused by the hierarchy. Almost reminds me of what goes on in communist countries. The only difference is in communist countries they no longer have the right to vote, and to testify before their elected officials, so they are even in worse shape. Those who dare to speak out are marched off “somewhere”

We had better hold onto our right to vote and NOT support any form of tax-supported school choice or charters with their unelected boards.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

To order the updated abridged 2011 version of “the deliberate dumbing down of america”, it is available from 3D Research at

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