Aroostook Watchmen Radio Tomorrow with Guest Representative Rick Long (Constitutional Carry Is On The Chopping Block)

Discussion will center around LD222(HP 183)”An Act Designating the Chief of the State Police as the Only Issuing Authority of a Permit To Carry a Concealed Handgun” Sponsored by Representative Timothy Marks.

Message from Jack: “LD222 will be voted on tomorrow we need to tell them absolutely NO on the Majority report and ask that they support the MINORITY REPORT FROM COMMITTEE ON LD222. Flood the phone lines – call the house message center and leave a message 1-800-423-2900.”

View LD222 HERE.

View Summary HERE

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 – 8:00 a.m. EST
AIB Talkshoe # (724)444-7444 Call ID: 52956

Also participate via computer and join the chat:


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  1. Hi!

    First of all, there is no constitutional authority to have a “state” police which “serves and protects” the state. They have no authority over the people whatsoever.

    There is no constitutional authority requiring a permit for “any” gun concealed or otherwise.

    The people have a right to protect themselves.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  2. Right on: I have been yelling that for years they (Gov) have no authority
    to enter fear with you and your guns unless your committing a crime (harming another, or property, violating a contract) and it matters not where the gun is, it should be common place and should also be assumed we are all caring just like the cops!

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