Aroostook Watchmen with Guest Phil Merletti on Confirmation Hearing of William Schneider For Judgeship

Phil recaps the events of the hearing.

The Judiciary Committee voted unanimously on the confirmation of William Schneider.

03/12/2014 08:00 AM EDT (1:00:04)

Listen HERE.

The 5 Remonstrances, click here.

Maine Judiciary Committee – Confirmation Hearing – William J. Schneider to the Maine District Court, click here.

Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary

Senator Linda M. Valentino (D-York), Chair

Senator John L. Tuttle, Jr. (D-York)  (absent)

Senator David C. Burns (R-Washington)

Representative Charles R. Priest (D-Brunswick), Chair

Representative Kimberly J. Monaghan-Derrig (D-Cape Elizabeth)

Representative Jennifer DeChant (D-Bath)

Representative Matthew W. Moonen (D-Portland)

Representative Stephen W. Moriarty (D-Cumberland)

Representative Lisa Renee Villa (D-Harrison)

Representative Jarrod S. Crockett (R-Bethel)*

Representative Michael G. Beaulieu (R-Auburn)

Representative Anita Peavey Haskell (R-Milford)

Representative Stacey K. Guerin (R-Glenburn)

Representative Wayne T. Mitchell (Penobscot Nation)

Governor Paul LePage
Fax 207-287-1034
E-mail, click here

Senate President Justin L. Alfond (D-Cumberland County)
Senate President’s Office (207) 287-1500
home: 232-4187

Senate Majority Leader Troy D. Jackson (D-Aroostook County)
Senate Majority Office (207) 287-1515
home: 398-4081
cell: 436-0763

Senate Minority Leader Michael D. Thibodeau (R-Waldo County)
Senate Minority Office (207) 287-1505
home: 223-5177

Speaker of the House Mark Eves (D-North Berwick)
(207) 287-1300

Rep. Seth A. Berry, Majority Leader D-Bowdoinham)
House Majority Office (207) 287-1430

Rep. Kenneth Wade Fredette, Minority Leader R-Newport)
House Minority Office (207) 287-1440

The Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability (OPEGA) exists to support the Legislature in meeting its constitutional responsibilities and to improve the accountability, oversight and performance of State government for the benefit of Maine’s citizens.

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  1. Hi!

    The legislature has no business accepting or rejecting a nomination of the Governor.

    They have been doing it unlawfully since they got rid of the Executive Council in 1976 and expanded their powers.

    This is fraud.

    The nomination and appointment of a judicial officer is an Executive Department function ONLY.

    See Article V, section 8 of the “original” constitution.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  2. Hi!

    And what about that Mullen character?

    Did he receive full acceptance of the fraudulent judiciary committee?

    This guy, Robert E. Mullen, has NEVER been a judge (district court
    acting for the state created in 1961) as he only has a “certificate” by his own admission and has NEVER had a commission which provides a title and a public office.

    He is an impostor pretending to be a judge by wearing that black robe and sitting on the bench.

    He is a fraud.

    The “public hanging” ought to return, and he ought to be the first one hung.

    • He was unanimously voted in. No one opposed. Pres. of the Maine Trial Lawyers and a woman from either the Overseers of the Bar or the Bar Assoc., along with other BAR card members praised him, etc. It’s sickening how they stroke each other, kiss up, etc.

      When Schneider came up for his hearing, he gave the committee a box with a pretty bow – full of cookies his wife made for them. How lovely!

  3. Way to go Lise!

  4. Ten members of this Judiciary Committee had Presumptive Letters distributed to them at the end of yesterday’s public hearing on Schneider’s confirmation. These 10 members voted Ought Not To Pass (ONTP) on Rep. Ricky Long’s Bill, LD 220, An Act to Ban Agenda 21 in Maine, in the 1st Session last year. The Letter is a lawful document that alleges many crimes by their doing so. I can provide copies via Email attachments if wanted.

    • You know, Wayne, this committee has personal knowledge of crimes committed…with docs in hand. The same for the attorneys (inc. Maine Trial Lawyers president, the BAR members) who were in the audience. They have a duty to report this to a higher authority. I smell another can of worms opening up!

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