Two Farmington (NH) Police Officers Indicted On Assault Charges

Sgt. Michael McNeil and Officer Gregory Gough face misdemeanor charges, which could result in up to one year in jail for each of them. Read more HERE.

“In a statement to the media Police Chief Kevin Willey wrote “The Farmington Police Department is strongly committed to providing the most professional service to the community. Because of the nature of our work, officers are held to a high standard of conduct and we do our best to uphold those standards. If officers violate those standards in any way, they will be, and expect to be, held accountable.”

It is fair to state that Police Chief Willey’s “standard of conduct” is not consistent with his statement.

When will he, former police Chief Scott Roberge and Officer Scott Ferguson be held accountable?

More mainstream media selective reporting.

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Farmington (NH) Police Chief Kevin Willey To Retire After Getting Offer Too Good To Refuse

Another one bites the dust!

Police Chief Kevin Willey announced “with a certain amount of sadness” that he intends to retire as of April 25.  He replaced Chief Scott Roberge who “retired” in April 2012. “As for his plans for the future, Willey said he was approached about entering the private sector around Christmas, but he won’t provide further details “until the negotiations are finalized.”

He said he hadn’t been looking for a new job, but he was approached by a company that made an offer difficult to refuse.  He noted the company is not related to law enforcement.”

Sounds like a good “house cleaning” ongoing in the Farmington Police Department. Long overdue! Where weapons and drugs are a bad recipe for tragedy, except in Framington, New Hampshire it’s fair to assume that hands are not only in the pockets of bankers.

During her tenure as Attorney General, Kelly Ayotte  brushed under the rug evidence of corruption and cover up by Police Chief Scott Roberge and officers Scott Ferguson and Kevin Willey.  Read more HERE.

E-mail to Chief Scott Roberge HERE.


Sgt. Scott Ferguson Resigns From Farmington (NH) Police Department. His “departure came as he was “looking for something different.  It’s reported that “Ferguson left to begin a career with the state Liquor Commission. ”

Now Kevin Willey is following the footsteps of (now former) Officer Scott Ferguson who left a department they both so loved!

The most gratifying for Kevin Willey …”the police department’s relationships with the residents.”  I’m sure! Perhaps more gratifying with “selective” residents. With the evidence at hand, there is wonder as to what kind of “job” Willey couldn’t refuse!

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