Interviews With Charlotte Iserbyt – Both Are Key To What Is Happening NOW

“These interviews with Alex Jones were two years ago. Interview No. 2  is loaded and explains exactly what Gov. LePage, following neoconservative Trotskyite Maine Heritage directions, is doing. The statement regarding funding of religious education comes in the very beginning.  I believe press release from which I am reading came from MTA. Listen to how it says Governor wants to get rid of restrictions on tax funding of religious schools!”

Note especially recommendation made in No. 2 interview below that education code (law) be changed to permit tax funding of private/religious education!

“Charlotte’s comments: The restructuring of Maine education started many years ago but it has only been since our Republican Governor LePage was elected that the neoconservative Maine Heritage (affiliate of national Heritage Foundation, which has affiliates in most states and which drafted NAFTA) has been allowed to turn our whole education system on its head. Maine Heritage has been behind the effort to drive the final nail into the coffin of traditional public AND private/religious education through tax-funded school choice and tax-funded charter schools with NO elected boards. Charter schools, with their unelected boards, are required to implemented the Soviet polytech lifelong school to work system using our children to spin off profits for the global economy (elite).”

Interview No. 1 (15:06) – Life in America Under Agenda 21 with whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt, HERE.

#1: At 11:00 Maine Teacher Association News Brief regarding teacher evaluation; “Governor LePage attacks profession and public education. Synopsis: Teacher evaluation would be altered to management authority and control of profession. Multi measures of effectiveness/student achievement as a significant factor; in open enrollment school choice would be authorized to allow students to attend school of choice; and 12:52-14:09 money follows the child. 1:20: Parents are responsible for students’ transportation. Teacher certification process will be redesigned to permit easier alternative entry to the profession to those who have the academic and content areas of expertise; that have been given proper pedagogical training, in a clinical school setting (Charlotte’s comment: Skinnerian training where teacher being monitored every second …does she give candy/reward to child at the right time so he gets the right answer?) Career and Technical…longer school calendar; requires home school district to honor academic credits students learn at technical center…”

Interview No. 2 – (15:19)  Life in America Under Agenda 21 with whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt, HERE.

#2: At 15:18 “School districts and private schools approved to receive public tuition funding can choose schools of choice by opening their enrollments to students from other districts. Statutory language that prohibits public money from going to private and religious schools will be expressly removed.”

Charlotte Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education

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Much time and money went into putting together “Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education” hoping the “remnant” in this country would use it to turn things around. Please purchase this 8-disc dvd set and “get them out across the nation, and use them with our elected officials.” To view Trailer for this excellent tool kit to “Take Back America”, click here.

If any of you can think of anything our remnant can do that we have not done to save our nation for future generations, please let us know. What suggestions do you have to offer?

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