The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America

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Very important to read these entries several times since they explain exactly what is going on worldwide, and of course in USA.

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THE UNITED STATES COALITION FOR EDUCATION FOR ALL (USCEFA)—AN OUTGROWTH OF World Conference on Education for All, Jomtien, Thailand—met October 30–November 1,1991 in Alexandria, Virginia. President Bush’s wife, Barbara, was named honorary chairperson. One of the keynote speakers at the event was Deputy Minister of Education Elena Lenskaya, Republic of Russia.16 The purpose of this conference was to “involve the United States in reform of education/community renewal worldwide.” The same United Nations outcomes as those recommended at the Jomtien conference were adopted. According to “The Mission Statement”:

USCEFA is comprised of a diverse group of international, domestic, governmental and nongovernmental groups, associations, and individual education, business, media and health leaders. The Coalition was created as an outgrowth of the World Conference on Education for All, where official delegations from 156 countries achieved a worldwide consensus to launch a renewed worldwide initiative to meet the basic learning needs of all children, youth and adults.

The Coalition is taking this worldwide consensus and bridging between the initiatives for reform in other countries and the goals for education reform in the United States. [This statement flies in the face of change agent assurances at the local and state level that goals are locally developed, ed.]

It strongly believes that the improvement of education is essential for improving the quality of life for the world’s people and for sustainable economic development; and for these reasons, this organization is committed to improving the state of basic education in the United States and developing countries by creating new partnerships for educational reform.…Through seminars, publications, media events, conferences, networking and the dissemination of information, the U.S. Coalition for Education for All is working to meet the goals set by the World Conference on Education for All. Members of the Board of Directors:

President: Janet Whitla, Education Development Center, Inc.
Vice President: Stephen F. Moseley, Academy for Educational Development, Inc.
Secretary: Richard Long, International Reading Association
Treasurer: John Comings, World Education, Inc.
Clifford Block, Far West Regional Laboratory for Educational Research and Improvement
David Dorn, American Federation of Teachers
Alan Hill, Apple Computer, Inc.
Gary Marx, American Association of School Administrators
Thomas Shannon, National School Boards Association
Daniel Wagner, National Center on Adult Literacy, University of Pennsylvania

and 3D separate entry, directly following above entry:

President George Bush requested that the business community raise funds to support development of “radical, break-the-mold” schools (one in each Congressional district) which would in the future be known as “charter schools” (public school “choice” schools).

The Request for Proposals from NASDC required that:
Design teams should define the scope and focus of their own work. Student age-grouping may be unconventional, and designs may serve students younger than five years of age and older than eighteen; students need not all be assembled in a single building or at a particular time of day; the school day and school year may be redefined. The duties of administrators, teachers, volunteers, parents, and all other adults may be changed…. The design may entail major changes in community governance, community structures and the functions of other institutions such as public health agencies and welfare departments. Alternatively, designs may adopt conventional arrangements for any of above.

IMPORTANT! Last bolded words warn of implementation of lifelong community education under unelected boards, long in the works. Aka: communism. Read Feld paper (one of written submissions) included in Exposing the Global Road to Ruin through Education disc set (disc 8) which explains totalitarian community education. Completely researched with images, drawings, direct quotes, etc.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Former Senior Policy Advisor

U.S. Department of Education

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