ObamaCare Website “built in the best traditions of Communist projects.”

Courtesy of Falmouth Today

“(Editor’s Note: Due to overwhelming popular demand we have reached out to sources familiar with the Belarus connection with Obamacare)

February 10, 2014
By Editor:
Recent disclosures that code writing for Obamacare was outsourced to Belarus, that is essentially a government controlled tech group, has developed more onerous overtones in the last 48 hours then when we first sent it to our contact list.

There are allegations that the code writing included attack worms hidden in the contracted code that would give access to the hackers in Belarus not just to data of insurance applicants, but a planted backdoor into both government run networks and all insurance companies that receive direct linked data from any health care site that has ever been linked to the national site.

We were referred to the recent article in the Press Herald regarding the mechanics of how this system would function. You can read the details below. It seems the lack of firewalls and other security layers that may have been omitted either by mistake or on purpose at the outset of the website has made everyone on the site vulnerable to invasion of their personal data. Insurance companies may have been told months ago that security was in place by the government contractors from Canada and may not be prepared for an attack on their own servers, company financial accounts, and even insurance policies totally unrelated to Obamacare. Sources went on to disclose that they believe the hacking program might be a multilayered system timed to activate when enrollment hits certain numbers and/or date points and/or each layer is activated when a prior layer is discovered and deleted. Sources project that the total damage inflicted on consumers, insurance companies, and related government systems may not even begin to show up until after 2015, if not later. If you were stealing I.D.s would you tip your hand at 3 million or when the total was up to 300 million?

We are also told that trying to overlay security at this point is so ineffective that the most secure way to fix the site is to dump it completely and rewrite it from the base up. Our sources tell us that any linking data back to anyone on the site including cookies coming up the line to your computer, even if you didn’t sign up, could be carrying software that will clone everything on your computer.

Finally, the sources were totally stunned and appalled that the site would have any code on it from anyone from the Belarus group. Not that they were incompetent, but that they were highly skilled at what they do, which is computer crime.” Read more HERE.

Click here to see the Belarus connection.

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