No Excuses For The Law Firm of Drummond & Drummond’s Pattern Of Unethical Behavior

PPH reports “Attorneys Paul Peck, Philip Mancini and Alexander Saksen of Pittsburgh, Pa. with the Portland (ME) law firm Drummond and Drummond are accused of failing to take “reasonable” actions after learning that GMAC Mortgage was signing legal documents to support foreclosing on people’s homes without checking if they were true and without appearing before a notary of the public to have the papers authenticated.  They “were shocked’ to learn of robo-signing.”

“The allegations against the lawyers, who represented GMAC, stemmed from their handling of Maine cases that brought attention to a national robo-signing crisis that caused temporary suspension of foreclosures by GMAC and other big mortgage lenders. They are accused of not doing enough under their ethical obligation to inform Maine courts in more than 100 foreclosure cases of the possible implications of the revelation. They are facing possible discipline by the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar.”

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Atty. Robert Hirshon from the law firm of Drummond & Drummond, who represented Coastal Bank in a fraudulent foreclosure, failed “to take “reasonable” actions” in the theft of the home of Marion Lafortune.  Did he not check into the documented evidence? He apparently went along with the crooks. This law firm’s pattern of unethical behavior continues to exist today.

A fraudulent foreclosure was entered against Marion Lafortune  on August 24, 1993 by Coastal Bank, Robert Hirshon counsel at Drummond & Drummond and former President of the ABA. Marion fought to her death and died before seeing justice.  The accomplices in this theft by City of Biddeford officials, James Grattelo, Atty. Harry Center, are the same officials involved in the theft of her daughter’s home. Others involved,  Auctioneer William Zafirson, Atty. Jens-Peter-Bergen and York County Superior/District Court justices Fritzsche, Arthur Brennan,Robert E. Crowley and Christine Foster to name a few.

View documents:

Drummond & Drummond played “behind closed doors” with City of Biddeford officials.  August 26, 1994 confidential memo behind closed doors.

During the fraudulent foreclosure against Marion , Coastal Bank continued to accept her monthly checks.

Police Report on the arrest of Marion for criminal trespass upon her own property, August 8, 1994. No judgment, no writ of possession.

August 17, 1994 Marion filed an Injunction and it was denied by Judge Paul Fritzsche December 6, 1994, three months after the unlawful sale of her home.

September 1994 Notice and sale. The book and page registry of deeds numbers are not Marion’s property. Researching the records, people would find these book and page numbers referred to Kennebunkport Investment Corp. A great scheme to conceal the fraud and controversy surrounding this “taking.”

October 26, 1995 Deeds office – can’t find judgment.

September 16, 1994 letter from D.A. Michael Cantara to Biddeford Police Chief Roger Beaupre. (This is professional conduct?)

November 1, 1994 Not Guilty

June 30, 1997 Maine Treasury relative to the law firm of Drummond and Woodsom.

Marion was left with the clothes on her back (1994) as Southeast Moving removed all of her belongings from her home. The Bureau of Corporations shows that Southeast Moving had not filed as a business since 1992. All of her possessions were removed from her home, damaged or stolen, including the theft of her automobile which was never recovered.

Local banks/credit unions pull the same stunts…rubber-stamped by the courts.

Did Atty. Hirshon not view the evidence against his client, Coastal Bank?

Do you think Scott Davis, Maine BAR, will hold his “buddies” accountable? And Chief Justice Leigh Saufley will agree?

They are not above the law either!


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Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Courtesy of Jeanette Triplett

“Do you think anyone of us here might be the victims of NSA, who is really WACKENHUT, who, along with George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Otto Skorzeny and other Nazi spies stole Nikola Tesla’s technology to do so,then murdered him, in violation of The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, with the intent to subvert the United states government through espionage, terrorism, kidnap, extortion, theft of technology, murder,and violating numerous other anti trust laws, but not limited to, each and all incorporated in entirety by reference.

Each/all herein named, but not limited to, and their agents etal acting in concert as co-conspirators, thus committing crimes against humanity and crimes against peace which further constitutes war crimes for which they are operating under a non American CEO acting as official chief executive of America, who, having adopted a name of Barrack Hussein Obama, all are knowingly, with forethought and malice and intent are operating with Nazi sympathetic bankers acting in concert laundering money with, for, by, through and under the blessing of the new Jesuit pope as for profit corporations for the Vatican?

Not here in Amerika you say? Really!!!!”

All God given rights reserved in perpetuity

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, click here.

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